Ph.D in Mass Communication

Dr. Emadeldin Gaber


Dr. Emad Jaber has published 23 scientific papers, and Participated in 12 International Scientific Conferences in the field of Media. Dr. Gaber held many administrative positions, Dean of the College of Mass Communication Sciences, University of Al-Jazira Dubai from 2015-2016, and Dean of the College of Mass Communication and Public Relations at Fujairah University in the United Arab Emirates 2016- 2019.

Dr. Emadeldin Aly Ahmed Gaber, worked as assistant Professor in the Department of Media, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University, Egypt, and Now he working as Assistant Professor at Al Dar University, Dubai.

Dr. Gaber holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Mass Communication Cairo University in 1993, Master’s degree in 2001 and PhD 2005, in November 2006 he was Promoted to Assistant Professor degree,