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Learners & Rights and Commitments

Introduction and Purpose This Application document is made in line with the requirements of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Its aim is to ensure that learners enrolled in vocational education institutions are protected against any risks that may hinder their completion of their vocational qualification.
This document explores the policies and procedures that ALDAR Academy uses to manage and execute its commitment to protecting the rights of learners.
ALDAR Academy Commitments:

  •  ALDAR Academy is committed to supporting Trainers in helping learners understand the fundamentals of academic
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to imposing strict measures in response to any academic misconduct or dishonesty by
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to giving every learner equal and fair opportunity to access their assessments.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to assessing all portfolio-based work fairly against qualification standards and ensuring that relevant applicants and staff are fully trained.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to ensuring that all assessments of learners& work are carried out fairly and in compliance with the awarding body& requirements and KHDA.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to carrying out internal assessments, externally marked tests, and exams fairly, according to academic standards and awarding body instructions.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to marking all work submitted by learners within two weeks of submission.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to a fair admission system, regardless of race, color, religion, age, nationality, disability, marital status, or gender.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to correctly registering learners through the registration department and entering their data into the ALDAR Registration system, as well as the awarding body and KHDA.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to admitting learners as Provisional Admission until they fully satisfy the conditions within a reasonable specified period. Otherwise, their admission will be terminated.
  • ALDAR Academy allows learners to withdraw within 49 days from the start of the module. In that case, the transcript will show a W grade indicating withdrawal.
  • ALDAR Academy permits learners to change majors with certain conditions, subject to the approval of the Head of the Department and the Training Centre Manager. The awarding body will be informed.
  • ALDAR Academy maintains all learners& records properly, ensuring secure and fireproof storage by the registration department.
  • ALDAR Academy verifies that only authorized personnel from the concerned departments can access the learner records through a biometric access control system.
  • ALDAR Academy ensures that all grievances, complaints, and appeals are dealt with confidentially, constructively, and in a timely manner.
  • ALDAR Academy is responsible for addressing filed appeals/complaints/grievances to the Training Centre Manager, keeping records for 5 years. The records will be kept confidential in the custody of the Registration Department for future reference.
  • ALDAR Academy ensures that the assessment of programs meets required standards, with equal and fair access to assessment for all learners.
  • ALDAR Academy ensures that learners receive knowledge, assistance, and support concerning qualifications and assessment.
  • ALDAR Academy maintains an audit trail that records assessment decisions and internal verification documentation for assignments and learners& work, securely keeping records for 3 years after certification.
  • ALDAR Academy ensures that assessment leads to accurate and valid certification claims.
  • ALDAR Academy manages program delivery and assessment of learners through the Head of the Department, Assessors, and Internal Verifiers.
  • ALDAR Academy ensures that assessment decisions meet national and international standards through the Internal Verification process.
  • ALDAR Academy provides a continuous check on the consistency, quality, and fairness of assessing learners& work.
  • ALDAR Academy does not allow Assessors to internally verify their own work.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to implementing the minimum attendance percentage required by the awarding body of the program for each enrolled class.
  • ALDAR Academy will inform learners of the attendance policies through the Trainer at the beginning of the course. The Trainer is also responsible for taking attendance in each class.
  • ALDAR Academy will ensure that all computer systems on campus have antivirus software and real-time file scanning enabled.
  • ALDAR Academy will secure the server room by controlling access with a biometric access system, accessible only by authorized staff.
  • ALDAR Academy will store daily backups on both network storage and Google Drive.
  • ALDAR Academy promotes equality for everyone in all programs, activities, contracts, staff, and learners, regardless of age, disability, ethnicity (including race, color, and nationality), gender, religion, and belief.
  • ALDAR Academy provides a sustainable, safe, and healthy environment for the Academy community through the active participation of staff, learners, and visitors.
  • ALDAR Academy conducts adequate training in fire safety, security threat scenarios, and emergency evacuations at the campus at least once a year for staff and learners.
  • ALDAR Academy ensures that the premises are equipped with smoke detectors, and smart fire alarm systems are installed in all offices, corridors, halls, classrooms, and laboratories.
  • ALDAR Academy develops and publishes Health and Safety risk management guidelines to address all possible risks.
  • These guidelines should be used to identify, minimize, and manage all Health and Safety Environmental hazards.
  • ALDAR Academy hires qualified and competent staff through the recruitment process, including advertising, shortlisting, and interviewing, to provide quality education and support services.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to designing educational settings and classrooms that are suitable for learners of all backgrounds and identities. We particularly ensure that learners with special needs can access and participate in the required activities and projects.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to processing all credit transfer requests and permitting the internal or external transfer of course(s) to any relevant program.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to providing an inclusive environment with equitable access for all learners.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to providing learners with all the required support to overcome any barriers to learning that they might experience.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to supporting dedicated Learner Services, which provide career planning guidance and information, and enable learners to access health services, special educational needs (determination of learners), welfare, and care.
  • ALDAR Academy & IT Department is committed to providing computer and information system support for all staff and learners of the Academy.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to providing sufficient and appropriate physical and technological resources necessary for achieving its academic programs.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to periodically testing or inspecting all electrical equipment, followed by a complete clean-up of the operation at the end of each day.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to providing unique accommodations and appropriate adaptations for its programs.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to conducting internal assessments in a fair manner, in accordance with the guidelines of the awarding body.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to including routine, preventive, planned, and deferred maintenance of all its premises in its long-range and annual planning and budgeting.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to conducting an internal audit twice a year that covers the Accounting, IT, HR, Library, Registration, Health & Safety, and Procurement Departments.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to developing a risk management and analysis plan that enables staff to exploit risks to increase opportunities, reduce threats, and address risk as it arises.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to taking actions to either reduce or control the likelihood of all identified risks occurring.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to identifying, implementing, maintaining, and documenting all aspects of the Risk Management Plan.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to enabling learners with special needs to attend classes, participate in high-quality education, and fully engage in the curriculum alongside their peers. This will be done in a safe and supportive environment, free from bullying, discrimination, or harassment.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to enabling learners to apply for credit transfer for courses earned through informal learning by applying for Recognition of Prior Learning along with their application for admission to ALDAR Academy.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to assisting learners enrolled in any discontinued program. The concerned head of the department will provide information about the teach-out policy. Learners will also be informed of other options available, including transferring to other institutions that offer courses compatible with those offered by ALDAR Academy.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to supporting learners who face financial difficulties. To achieve this, we offer credit facilities such as postponing the payment of due balances and accepting settlements by post-dated cheques.
  • If unforeseen conditions require the Academy to close a training program or cease operations, the Academy will continue to provide courses at appropriate levels to enable enrolled learners to complete their degrees in a timely manner.
  • ALDAR Academy is committed to enabling learners to register online using the learner portal. Learners will have access to their timetable, grades, fee details, and digital library through this portal.

Learners’ Commitments

  • Learners are responsible for maintaining academic integrity and honesty by avoiding plagiarism, collaboration, or any other form of academic misconduct.
  • Learners must complete the admission application form entirely and submit it along with the required documents to the admissions department.
  • Learners must submit any complaints or appeals in writing to the Training Center Manager within five working days after receiving a decision letter.
  • Learners must attend 100% of the course in which they are enrolled, as this is a requirement for receiving a certificate of completion.
  • If learners cannot attend 100% of the class, they must complete the Learner Absentee Request form and submit it to the trainer for approval before leaving the classroom.
  • Learners who arrive 15 minutes or later after the beginning of a class may be marked as partially absent.
  • Learners must provide documentation for legitimate excuses, including medical emergencies, personal emergencies,
    family emergencies, and required courtroom appearances for any missed classes.
  • Learners must obtain written approval from the IT Department before removing any equipment from the premises.
  • Learners must not copy, remove, or transfer the software to any third party or non-organizational equipment, such as home PCs, without written authorization from the IT department.
  • Learners must apply for the certificate after completing the training program/unit.
  • Learners must apply in person for a duplicate certificate by filling out the duplicate certificate request.
  • Learners must be enrolled in the qualification they are studying for and comply with all appropriate arrangements required for any internal and external verification.
  • Learners must pay fees either in full before each semester & commencement or in installments during the semester.
  • Learners must apply for cancellation and withdrawal before the start of the program/course to be entitled to a 100% refund of the course fees they applied for.
  • Learners must understand that they will NOT be entitled to any refund of the program/course fees if they apply for cancellation and withdraw after the start of the program/course.
  • The learner confirms his understanding that refunds are subject to the Policies and Procedures of ALDAR Academy and will be paid to the learner through bank transfer only.
  • Learners must submit a signed withdrawal form to the registration department using the form available for a withdrawal.
  • Learners must pay their tuition and registration fees by cash, cheques, Visa/Master cards, online transfers, bank deposits, or wire transfers.
  • The learner confirms his understanding that application, admission, registration, and general services fees are non- refundable.
  • The learner confirms his understanding that Scholarships are applicable on Tuition Fees Only and are not applicable on any other fees.
  • For the programs taught in English, if the applicant does not fulfill the English Proficiency requirement at the time of registration, then the learner must register for the extensive English program until he/she comply with the English Proficiency requirement.
  • The learner confirms his understanding that ALDAR Academy has the right to accept or reject any application, and in case of application rejection, the application fees will not be refunded.
  • Learners must submit a refund/cancellation form if there is a refund to be made.
  • Learners must present their valid learner cards when borrowing or returning items from the computerized library system, which allows them to reserve and borrow learning resources.
  • Learners must follow the policies and procedures of ALDAR Academy as stated in the Students Handbook and all other ALDAR Academy documents and publications.

I hereby testify that the above details are true and accurate, at the same time I hereby acknowledge reading and agreeing with all the above-mentioned Rights and Commitments.
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