General English

General English Course

Our General English Course follow the Common European Framework of Language Learning to ensure students are placed in the correct level and can clearly measure their progress.

Our Unique Guarantees

Free Trial Guarantee

We invite all our trainees to attend the first two sessions for FREE to evaluate our quality standers, this applies only to our public schedule courses.

Free Repeat Guarantee

For any public schedule courses attended, the course or any part of it can be repeated absolutely free of charge, provided space and course availability in our public schedule.

English Language Learning Process


All trainees will be tested to evaluate their English Language level so they are enrolled into general English course that matches their actual level & needs. This testing and evaluation process is systematic and avoids personal and less objective assessment as much as possible.

All trainees will take the Online Placement Test. This is an obligatory part of their educational journey at ALDAR University College. The test is made up of two parts:

  • Overall English Comprehension, which focuses on grammar and vocabulary
  • Listening Comprehension

As per the obtained result from the placement test, the trainee would join the right course based around the Common European Framework for Language Learning.

General English Course

We have 9 levels of General English courses ranging from Absolute Beginner to Advanced.

CEFR SCAL Level Description
STARTER Absolute Beginner. ABC, numbers and basic phrases.
A1 ELEMENTARY A An elementary level with basic grammar and introductions
ELEMENTARY B An elementary level with slightly more complex grammar such as the past and future with more complex
A2 PRE-INTERMEDIATE A An intermediate level with more complex grammar such as the past and future with added emphasis on
PRE-INTERMEDIATE B An intermediate level with complex grammar such as the Present Perfect and some difficult vocabulary.
B1 INTERMEDIATE A An advanced level with difficult grammar and very challenging vocabulary.Great emphasis on communication
INTERMEDIATE B An advanced level with difficult grammar and very challenging vocabulary that pushes student fluency.
B2 UPPER INTERMEDIATE A A highly advanced level that pushes students to near fluency in English.
UPPER INTERMEDIATE B A highly advanced level that fine tunes students’ English..

Why study at ALDAR University?

  •  ALDAR University offers General English courses for all levels.
  • ALDAR University accepts students at any time of year and is not bound by the academic calendar.
  • ALDAR University offers the highest quality of English language training.
  •  ALDAR University provides a supportive and multicultural environment for students.

Our Teachers:

ALDAR University boasts a highly qualified and massively effective teaching team. All our teachers boast a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in English or a related field as well as specialized English teaching certificates such as TESOL, CELTA, DELTA or DipTESOL. Our teachers all have a minimum of five years experience in the classroom. We have both native-speaking teachers and bi-lingual Arabic-speaking teachers.