PROGRAMPer Credit Hours in AED
Bachelor of Science in Communication Engineering1,200 AED 

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

  • General
  • Cyber Security
1,200 AED 

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Smart Grid Systems
1,200 AED 

Bachelor of Information Technology

  • General
  • Multimedia and Game Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Application Development
900 AED 

Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Industrial Management
  • Hospitality Management
900 AED 

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

  • Public Relations
900 AED 


  • Books not included in tuition fees
  • A non-refundable seat reservation charges 4,000 AED adjustable at the time of registration


Visa Sponsorship

Particular Amount in AED
Inside the Country (U.A.E) including insurance 4,500 AED
Outside the Country (U.A.E) including insurance 3,000 AED
Visa Renewal including insurance 2,500 AED
Visa Rejected Fees 1500 AED
Visa cancellation 300 AED

Others Fees

Particular Description Amount In AED
Application Fees One time fees  400 AED
Admission Fees One time fees 1,500 AED
Registration & General Services fees Every Semester (except Summer Semester) 1,000 AED
Registration & General Services fees Each Summer Semester 700 AED
Security Deposit Refundable 1,000 AED
Lab fees* Courses include Labs 1,000 AED Per Course
Book Fees Bachelor of Mass Communication

 All other programs

250 AED Per Course

 330 AED Per Course

Make-Up Exam (Incomplete) Payable upon approval of School Dean  1,500 AED
Grade Appeal Per course 100 AED
Official Course Description Normal 100 AED

 Urgent 200 AED

Official Course Syllabus Per syllabus Normal 50 AED

 Urgent 100 AED

Official Transcript Normal 100 AED

 Urgent 200 AED

Quotation Upon Request 100 AED
Visa Letter Upon Request 300 AED
Other Letters Upon Request 50 AED
Letter of Permission Upon Request 50 AED
Certified True Copy Per Document 100 AED
Late Registration per semester 500 AED
Enrolment Cancellation Upon Approval 500 AED
Semester Deferral (Upon Approval) First Deferral

 Second Deferral

100 AED

 500 AED

Cheque Return Charges 250 AED
Cheque Holding Charges 250 AED
No Objection Certificate 200 AED
Transportation Fees Per Semester Dubai 2,500 AED

 Sharjah 2,700 AED

 Ajman 2,800 AED

Status Petition Different Program 1,000 AED
Bachelors (BBA, BIT, BMC, CPE, CME) Certificate Fees

 Duplicate Certificate fees

 Graduation Ceremony Fees

950 AED

 600 AED

 750 AED

*lab fees effective from Academic year 2021-2022.


  1. ADUC reserves the right to modify its tuition and other fees as and when necessary applicable to all existing and new students. 
  2. Fees can be increased yearly – maximum by 10%.
  3. All fees are subject to 5% VAT (value added tax) except zero rated or exempted supplies specifically mentioned for goods and services in the Law and are non-refundable except if mentioned refundable.
  4. To withdraw the previously submitted Postdated Cheque (PDC), the equivalent amount must be paid three days prior to the PDC date.
  5. PDC previously submitted cannot be hold for more than ten days; otherwise the penalty will be AED 250 excluding VAT.
  6. Cheques should be under the name of ALDAR University College. 
  7. All the cheques submitted to ADUC are subject to bank clearance.


Students can proceed with settlement of their tuition fees according to the following plans:

Full Payment Plan

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, online/bank transfer and credit/debit card. Fees are to be paid in full during the registration period as per the dates mentioned in the Academic Calendar.

Instalment Payment Plan

The payment plan will be as follows:

  • First instalment – 50% of the total fees for the semester; at the time of registration.
  • Second instalment- 25% of the total semester fee. To be paid through post-dated Cheque. The cheque must be deposited at the account’s office at the time of registration. The cheque date cannot be of more than one-month gap from the date of registration. 
  • Third instalment- 25% of the total semester fee. To be paid through post-dated Cheque. The cheque must be deposited at the account’s office at the time of registration. The cheque date cannot be of more than two-month gap from the date of registration.


  1. 100% Refund of tuition fees including Course fees, Lab fees and Book fees is valid only before the end of Add/Drop Period as per Academic Calendar.
  2. Application, admission, registration and general services fees are non-refundable.  
  3. Seat reservation charges AED 4,000 are non-refundable.
  4. In case of no refund, ADUC has the right to encash all the Post-Dated Cheques of the students. 
  5. Refund amount/ excess amount paid by the students will be carried forward to the student account, which can be further used by the student for registering courses in the following semester(s). Student cannot withdraw the excess amount until student graduates or withdraws completely from the ADUC. 
  6. Refund if any (in case if the student withdraws completely from the ADUC or graduates) will be paid to the student through cheque / bank transfer under his name within 21 working days from the date of application.


In case of dismissal from the college for disciplinary reasons, the tuition fees paid for the semester of dismissal is not refundable.