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The Policy

The hiring policy is designed to cover all necessary steps involved in hiring and outlines various procedures required to complete the recruitment and selection process of new faculty and professional staff. 

ADUC shall hire qualified and competent faculty to provide quality education and its support services. All recruitment and selection must be initiated via Personnel Requisition Form by the Dean of the School and will be effective after the President’s approval.

Faculty ranks at ADUC are given below, and their details are available in the Faculty Manual. 

  1. Professor
  2. Associate Professor
  3. Assistant Professor
  4. Lecturer
  5. Instructor


Recruitment, Selection, and Appointment

Each school conducts its projections for Faculty recruitment based on their requirements for the upcoming academic year, and the recruitment and selection process shall be conducted based on approval. 


The following Committees are responsible for conducting the Recruitment of faculty and professional staff:

Full-Time Faculty:

Faculty Recruitment and Selection Committee. 

(The support staff at the school level are also recruited through the same committee)

Part-Time Faculty:

Part-Time Faculty recruitment and selection shall be conducted through the same committee and procedure.

Professional Staff:

Staff Recruitment and Selection Committee.

Senior Administrative Positions:

The President office shall create the selection panel while following the same process as per Staff Recruitment Committee.


The HR office follows the appointment of faculty after the report of respective committees.


Procedure for Initiating the Recruitment Process. 

The Dean of the school is expected to discuss and submit the Faculty hiring plan to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, based on budget allocation and Faculty requirements. The Vice President shall review and approve the hiring plan before its submission to the President for final approval. 

Faculty hiring plan should include the following:

  1. Personnel Requisition Request to the HR Department
  2. Job description and job title determination by the School
  3. Description of qualification, area of concentration, and experience required
  4. Duties and responsibilities


Upon approval of the ADUC President, HR will proceed with the following steps. 

Vacancy Advertisement

  1. All vacancies must be advertised internally and externally.
  2. According to the hiring specifications, HR will post the announcement on the ADUC website and other job portals. 
  3. The closing date must be specified.


Recruitment and Selection Committee Responsibilities 

  1. Prepare the selection and short-listing criteria based on the job description and the qualification of the position. 
  2. Screen and short-list of all applicants to select candidates for interview in coordination with HR. 
  3. Interview all short-listed candidates and complete the Interview Assessment Form based on the criteria and the interview. 
  4. Recommend the details of the selected candidates to the President. 
  5. Ensure that the process is completed within the stipulated timeframe. 
  6. Maintain the confidentiality of the selection process. 
  7. Ensure that all recommended candidates are fit to be hired for a particular position.


Shortlisting and Interview 

The Recruitment and Selection Committee will Shortlist potential candidates and notify them via email of an upcoming interview. The interview will be conducted by the Recruitment and Selection Committee. 

The Recruitment and Selection Committee will consist of the Department Chair and two Faculty members in the same specializations area or two Faculty from the same Department. 


Selection Procedure

The Selection Committee will forward its recommendation list of the best candidate to the President. The President may decide one of the following courses of action:

  1. Approve the recommendation of the Panel and proceed with an employment offer to the selected candidate. 
  2. Decide to proceed with further screening and the second round of interviews of the selected candidates.


Employment Offer 

Based on the President’s approval, HR will send an employment offer letter to the selected candidate. The candidate shall be given a week to review the employment offer and reply to HR with the signed employment offer letter. Upon the selected candidate’s acceptance of the employment offer, HR will proceed with the appointment procedures.


Orientation Process

ADUC has a formal and comprehensive process for new Faculty/Professional staff orientation. The orientation has many goals, including but not limited to the following:

  1. To ensure that new Faculty and Professional Staff have the same consistent and systematic orientation to ADUC vision, mission, strategic goals, pedagogical, intellectual contributions, community engagement, and integrity platform expectations. This will ensure Faculty and Professional Staff integration in their new roles and provide a realistic job preview of what to expect at ADUC.
  2. To ensure that new Faculty and Professional Staff are familiar with the ADUC management, colleagues, and services which will be invaluable to their overall ADUC experience and success.
  3. To address the unique personal and professional challenges of new Faculty and Professional Staff.
  4. To help new Faculty and Professional Staff build rapport with colleagues and enthusiasm for the Institution.


The Orientation Program 

  1. Institutional Orientation
  2. Program Orientation for Faculty / Job Related Orientation for Professional Staff
  3. Campus Tour


Contractual Relationship 

Newly appointed Faculty and Professional Staff will get an unlimited contract with six months probationary period. The evaluation will be conducted during the probation period to determine whether there is cessation or confirmation of employment. Letter of employment confirmation will be issued after the satisfactory completion of the probation period.

Both parties shall sign a formal contract. The First Party representing ADUC shall be the “President,” and the recruited Faculty and Professional Staff shall represent the second party. The contract shall follow the UAE-Labour Law-MOHRE.


Probationary Period

The probationary period is intended to allow new Faculty and Professional Staff to demonstrate their ability to achieve a satisfactory performance level. The probation period for all newly recruited Faculty and Professional Staff is of six (6) months. During the probation period, the contract may be terminated without any prior notice.


Termination Notice Period

Either party may terminate the employment contract as per the employment contract clauses. The cause for terminating the contract must be clearly stated in the termination notice. 



ADUC may decide to proceed with a Faculty and Professional Staff’s dismissal without prior notice in any of the following cases. 

  1. Violation of Article 120 of the UAE Labor Law 
  2. Academic or non-academic misconduct 
  3. Violation of the Institution rules, regulations, and policies 
  4. Unauthorized absence
  5. Insubordinate and disobedience
  6. Poor performance 


Handling of Legal Issues 

ADUC legal issues are managed via a signed collaboration agreement with an external legal office.