Effective delegation is a crucial skill that enables managers to effectively manage their workload and develop their team members. This course
covers the key concepts and techniques of delegation, including identifying tasks that can be delegated, selecting the right person for the task,
and setting clear expectations and deadlines. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively with their team members, provide feedback
and support, and monitor progress to ensure that tasks are completed successfully. The course also covers strategies for dealing with common
delegation challenges, such as resistance from team members or difficulty in letting go of control.

Course Duration

14 Hours – (2 Days) 

Course Outline

  •  Introduction to delegation
  •  Benefits of delegation
  •  Identifying tasks to delegate
  •  Selecting the right person for the task
  •  Setting clear expectations and deadlines
  •  Communicating effectively
  •  Providing feedback and support
  •  Monitoring progress
  •  Dealing with resistance
  •  Letting go of control
  •  Evaluating the delegation process
  •  Best practices for effective delegation