The Change Management program is designed for individuals who want to learn how to successfully manage change initiatives in organizations.
This program will teach you how to plan, implement, and sustain change in a complex environment. You will learn how to engage stakeholders,
communicate effectively, and manage resistance. This program is suitable for managers, executives, and professionals who want to improve their
change management skills and lead successful change initiatives.

Course Duration

14 Hours – (2 Days) 

Course Outline

  •  Introduction to Change Management
  •  Understanding Change and Its Impact
  •  Change Planning and Stakeholder Engagement
  •  Change Implementation and Communication
  •  Managing Resistance to Change
  •  Change Sustainment and Evaluation
  •  Change Management Models and Frameworks
  •  Change Risk Management and Mitigation
  •  Leadership and Change
  •  Ethics and Compliance
  •  Performance Metrics and Evaluation
  •  Personal Development and Continuous Improvement