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Brief Information about ALDAR Academy

ALDAR Academy (Originally ALDAR University College) was established in 1994. Campus life at ALDAR Academy. The current campus has a strategic urban location at the heart of the historic business district of Dubai. This distinctive location provides our students with easy accessibility to various services.

ALDAR Academy ‘s vision is aligned with the UAE National Agenda and UAE Sustainable Goals. Hence, ALDAR Academy aims to build relevant skills to coincide with new emerging technologies, materials and systems, while ensuring equal access for all types of learners. The academy offers instructional practical programmes in various disciplines of Information technology, business and management, entrepreneurship, soft skills, languages, professional education, laws and fashion designing. Based on international and national standards, ALDAR Academy aims to provide affordable training technical and vocational programmes without compromising on quality and code of ethics. The academy aims further to substantially increase the number of learners who have relevant technical and vocational skills that are required for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship. The main goal of AlDAR Academy is to equip learners with adequate employability skills, knowledge, inter personal skills and global outlook to gain meaningful employment on completion of their studies.

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    ALDAR Mission and Vision

    Our Mission & Vision

    To become a leader in providing integrated solutions in the field of vocational education and training to the local community and further reaching a regional and international scope. Delivering high quality internationally recognized technical, vocational education and training solutions which lead to employment through knowledge, skills, and innovation catering to the needs of the local and international community.




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    Mr. Awad Jawdat Samhan

    Training Center Manager

    Mr. El sayed fawzi Ragheb

    Quality assurance Manager

    Mr. Abdul Salam

    Admin & Finance Department

    Mr. Mohamed Elfiky

    Art & Media Program Manager

    Mr. Waqar Akbar

    Business Program Manager

    Mr. Asif Ehsan Sharwani

    IT & Computing program Manager

    Mr. Abdul Qdoous

    IT Systems Manager

    Ms. Haritha K

    Engineering Program Manager

    Ms. Rochelle Adeline Dsa

    Business Instructor

    Mrs. Amira Abououf

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