What You need to Know about Information Technology

ALDAR University college

What You Need to Know About Information Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology

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Brief Overview

The B.Sc. Information Technology Provides learners with in-depth knowledge in software development, programming, operating systems, network security, java programming, statistics, web development, and design. Students will gain a combination of knowledge and practical expertise to influence an organization’s infrastructure. Graduates of this concentration will have the ability to analyze and design systems, manage database, and IT projects


Information Technology is more than what you think

Information Technology is the use of computers and other technology devices to, send, retrieve, store information.  Information used widely in business organizations and now in the field of education as well. If you look at the bigger picture, technology is sweeping through the business world. Once you realize the significant impact of IT on business, only then you can start investing in IT.  The efficient use of Technology can assist you in expanding globally. The proper use of Information Technology allows you to reduce costs and increase quality performance.

The Impact of Information Technology on Higher Education

Fundamental transformations in higher education institutions have occurred as a result of recent technological breakthroughs. Scholarly studies over the past decade reflect a striking change in the usage pattern of information technology amongst students. Increased and easy access to personal computers and other technology devices have radically changed study habits and practices. Learners now advocate the incorporation of training in computer skills as part of the curriculum. Consequently, this will strengthen learners’ ability to use technology efficiently in the course of their study.  

Is it Worth Perusing a University Degree in Information Technology?

With fast jobs and salaries rise in the IT industry, it is evident that the answer is yes. We cannot imagine our lives without modern technologies and smart devices that help us every day. Every business depends almost entirely on system information technology to serve customers. IT jobs fall within the full spectrum of computer technology. The information technology field covers a broad range of job roles.

Main Objectives of this Degree Concentration

  • Refine the student’s abilities to communicate effectively, logically and analytically in designing appropriate information systems and technology to solve problems.
  • Understand the concepts related to information technology and its applications.
  • Gain the ability to assess security and ethical aspects within the IT framework.
  • Ability to work in a team and lead IT projects.
  • Ability to evaluate and develop solutions for complex IT problems.

Successful Graduates of this Degree Concentrations will learn how to:

  1.    Apply computer and mathematical knowledge appropriate to the field of specialization.
  2.    Analyze the problem and determine the proper computer requirements for the solution design.
  3.    Understand professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and their responsibilities.
  4.    Communicate effectively with many beneficiaries defining the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and communities.
  5.    Use and apply new concepts and practices in the field of information technology.
  6.    Contribute to the formation of an effective project plan
  7.    Demonstrate necessary information technology (programming, networks, databases, web systems, system integration, and computer architecture)

Future Career Opportunities

Jobs with Information Technology Degree

Software engineer – Software engineers are behind all applications and programs we use in our devices.

Web developer – web developer possess an excellent understanding of IT operating systems. They create and design web pages, web content, , and web applications. 

IT consultant

The primary function of an IT consultant is to make sure that your IT infrastructure is running up to date and using the right technology. Moreover, they analyze possible threats and provide the best possible solutions and technical supports.

Computer network architect.

Computer network architects work is to design communication networks within an organization. They develop and improve security measures to ensure safety.  

IT support specialist.

As an IT specialist, you will assist users who encounter technical issues that they cannot resolve on their own.  IT specialists also evaluate system potentials by testing the compatibility of new programs with existing ones. They install, configure, maintain, and update software and hardware.  

IT project manager.

IT project managers maintain organization effectiveness efficiency by delivering and supporting strategic plans for implementing information technologies.  


Al Dar University College is proudly committed to helping its students and graduates enhance their careers and personal improvement through perusing their studies.

Books and Library Resources

Our library provides an extensive range of books and periodicals that deal with areas such as Business, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Management, and many more.


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