Vice President’s Message

Vice-President for Academic Affairs Message

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to ALDAR University College (ADUC) students who represent our future leaders that embark our faculty and staff to serve them as a core of all academic process with professionalism and ethics. At ADUC, we ensure that all academic services are aligned with our mission and vision while delivering an education programs with excellence, innovation, collaboration, diversity and integrity. ADUC continuously focuses on excellence in Teaching; undergraduate education that meets high academic standards and enables students to realize their full potentials, Research; active research community that stimulates new ideas and discoveries that lead to innovations, and Community Service; optimized institutional and individual contribution of knowledge, skills and expertise toward contributing to the economic, social, cultural, and sustainable development of communities. ADUC encourages the lifelong learning of the students through engaging them with an interactive environment utilizing the latest technology with tolerance and enjoyment. Throughout the pages and links of the ADUC website, we seek to inform our visitors of the ADUC achievements and services carries out via our great team. Wishing you a good year of learning and blessings!

“We create the future leaders for innovative and sustainable community.”

Dr.rer.nat. Eslam ALHOGARATY