The Office of Student Services is responsible and plays a vital role in governing, shaping, and organizing activities that offer scientific, cultural, and entertainment benefits to the students. The Dean of Student Affairs and Community Engagement and the Deans of schools are responsible for encouraging all students to participate in ADUC activities to build their personality and develop their extra-curricular talents. 

The Office of Student Services is responsible for organizing several activities that should span a wide range of interests, covering social, cultural, and artistic activities. It should also act as the central support for a variety of student societies.


Aim of ADUC activities 

  1. Widening and promoting the social aspects of the student’s personality 
  2. Contributing to the rapid integration of new students in the ADUC atmosphere.
  3. Organizing Global day
  4. Ensuring that the ADUC sports facilities and equipment are updated. 
  5. Ensuring that safety standards are upheld.
  6. Organizing exhibitions of student artwork in various areas to motivate talented students.


Social and Cultural Activities 

The mission of the Office of Student Services is to assist students in areas of extracurricular activities and facilitates the integration of student into ADUC life by: 

  1. organizing and supervising the Orientation Program; 
  2. providing students with personal counseling or refer them to qualified personal councilors; 
  3. organizing and supporting extra-curricular and recreational activities; 
  4. sponsoring and organizing sports events; 
  5. supporting the Alumni club; 
  6. assisting students in all aspects of student life, including housing, medical care, residency formalities, whenever possible 


Orientation Program 

At the beginning of each semester, an Orientation Program is organized for all new students. The Orientation Program provides students a smooth and successful start at ADUC. The Program’s objective is to familiarize students with campus life, meet other new students, attend presentations conducted by various Schools and Offices, and interact with faculty and staff members. 

The Program consists of a series of presentations conducted by various Schools and Offices. The Office of Student Services manages all student activities and events organized throughout the Academic Year.

Recent Activities