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The Policy 

Community engagement is central to ADUC’s Mission, and the Strategic Plan developed by ADUC includes outreach activities as one of its strategic priorities.

Community Engagement and Outreach activities primary goals at ADUC are to: 

  1. Build partnerships with the Business community to benefit ADUC students and Alumni by providing out-of-classroom learning experience, internship, and employment opportunities. 
  2. Establish mutually beneficial relationships with the corporate world and the academic community to enhance the scope, depth, and relevance of the ADUC curriculum by exchanging ideas and knowledge, interaction with practitioners, and collaboration in scholarship. 
  3. Contribute to the community by actively engaging in cultural, social, and humanitarian initiatives and public dialogue on major contemporary societal issues. 


ADUC reaches out to the community through three sets of initiatives. 


ADUC will reach out to the business community by engaging in collaborative agreements with partner companies and organizations for practical research and case study development. It will also support corporate participation in course delivery at ADUC by inviting the business community members as guest lecturers and participants in round-table discussions and seminars. Besides, it will provide continuing education opportunities to members of the business community in various professional development fields. On another aspect, it will expand the internship and Company Project programs and employment opportunities for students. Finally, it will secure industry expertise for curriculum development through the participation of professionals from the industry in ADUC Advisory Board. 


With regards to civil society, ADUC will encourage and support student’s active participation and contributions to volunteer work in humanitarian fields and public service. Furthermore, it will organize public lectures, conferences, and round table discussions on general topics of interest to the community in general. Additionally, ADUC will organize in partnership with other Colleges and Universities sports and cultural events. Lastly, we will develop out-of-classroom experiences and interactions with the community. 


ADUC will reach out to the academic community by hosting professional workshops, conferences, and round-table discussions where Faculty can exchange ideas and undertake joint research activities with their colleagues from the UAE and abroad. It will also partner with foreign institutions of higher education to promote students and Faculty’s exchange to enhance cultural awareness and understanding. Another point is to establish partnerships with national and international universities to develop collaboration in research and encourage joint research projects. Moreover, we will reach out to the academic community by participating in industry associations and professional organizations to enhance knowledge. 


Community Engagement Strategy (CES) 

This strategy relates directly to the strategic planning efforts of ADUC and provides continuity to ensure that community engagement is a significant part of the Strategic Plan. 

To fulfill its commitment towards society as per its Vision and Mission, ADUC has planned its CES. The CES of ADUC is aligned to the Vision and Mission statements’ key areas and contributes to its specific Strategic Goals and Objectives. 


Relationships with the Employer: 

ADUC works on its activities to focus on developing, strengthening, and fostering cooperation between its schools and employers in the United Arab Emirates.


Areas of Employer Engagement

  • Curriculum Evaluation: 
  1. Organize meetings with employers through schools and curriculum development committees, and include recommendations in their annual plans. 
  2. Engage UAE employers in a discussion about the offered programs by ADUC. 
  3. Increase graduate employability and ensure that the needs of the job market are appropriately met. 
  • Sharing of Expertise: 
  1. Collaborate with various governmental and non-governmental institutions 
  2. Share the expertise of ADUC members in their respective disciplines and areas of expertise.
  3. Internships and Placements: ADUC will, through the Careers Services and the different schools, secure practical training and work experience for its students to better equip them for the job market.


Future makers: ADUC will, through its Dean of Student Affairs and Community Engagement, organize events that enable students to express their opinions and share their ideas about the future with corporate and industry partners. 


Relationships with Educational Providers 

ADUC seeks to establish collaborative relationships with a wide range of partners in the education sector and works towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Develop cooperative and supportive relationships with ministries, local schools, agencies, community organizations, and international partners;
  • Establish partnerships with some of the country’s leading schools and establish a framework for cooperation that helps students smoothly transition from school to higher education.
  • Have agreements with other academic institutions to promote student exchange, support faculty research/collaboration in academic activity, and provide intercultural communication opportunities.


Relationships with Alumni

Enhance current communication channels between ADUC and its alumni on the one hand and among alumni themselves on the other hand, in line with ADUC philosophy and vision.

  • Maintain and update the alumni database of all the alumni members.
  • Maintain an interesting communication with ADUC alumni to promote their integration into ADUC life.
  • Support ADUC Alumni activities and events and acting.
  • Extend the professional services to ADUC Alumni and assist them in all aspects of the career development process. 
  • Providing information on available job opportunities and encouraging them to participate in seminars and conferences according to the field of specialization.