Solving Problems & Decision Making

Solving Problems and Making Decisions

1 Day Instructor Led Course – 7 Contact Hours


This course focuses on leadership skills, including Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Target Audience

Practicing or aspiring first line managers who wish to develop leadership and management skills.

Solving Problems And Making Decisions
  1. Problem solving and decision making
  2. Types of problems and decisions
  3. Understanding the problem
  4. Objective setting
  5. Problem solving approaches
  6. The problem with solving problems

Module 2 Data And Information

  1. Data vs Information
  2. Finding data
  3. Turning data into information
  4. Analysis, averages and statistics
  5. Using charts and graphs
  6. Scatter diagrams
  7. Displaying information
  8. Making sense of qualitative data

Module 3 Evaluating And Presenting Your Decisions

  1. Decision making context
  2. Information for problem solving and decision making
  3. Leadership styles and decision making style
  4. Evaluation of options
  5. Evaluating potential solutions

Module 4 Implementing The Decision

  1. Communicating the decision
  2. Planning and monitoring projects
  3. Monitoring and evaluation