School of Research & Graduate Studies

School of Research and Graduate Studies

School of Research and Graduate Studies

The School of Research and Graduate Studies (SRGS) was established with purpose of offering the Master’s Degree programs at ALDAR. The School is an independent unit under the supervision of Vice President Academic affair to plan and deliver the Master’s degree program in different domains.

As per ALDAR Vision and Mission, School of Research and Graduate Studies is under the process of preparing following master’s Degree Programs

Master’s in cyber security (Proposed)

The Program focuses on the latest emerging technologies such as digital forensics, ethical hacking, cryptography, wireless and mobile network security. This program is intended for students who desire to obtain jobs in legal considerations and digital evidence controls.

Master’s in Industrial Management (Proposed)

The program is designed for the students having bachelor’s degrees in the areas of operation Management, Project Management, Engineering or any related field. The focus of the program is to develop the competencies and skills of optimizing the use of resources by adopting a sustainable approach and being environmental friendly. It is also a contribution towards developing the manufacturing sector of UAE economy.

Master of Business Administration(Proposed)

The mission of the proposed MBA Program is to provide graduating students with the set of skills, analytical tools and strategic competencies required to operate efficiently in a broad spectrum of business contexts. The program prepares graduates to take up leadership role and responsibility in their respective professional career path while enhancing their personal growth.

Master in Innovation (Proposed)

Nowadays, innovation becomes a business requirement in all sectors. ALDAR responded to this urgent need by proposing a master in innovation with the collaboration of a leading consultancy firm i.e. Team Power International. Students will learn how innovation impacts all areas of the workforce and fundamentally change how businesses grow.  In the UAE, an innovation Award has been lunched in 2016 to motivate companies to compete innovatively in a shifting digital landscape, ALDAR Master degree in Innovation will enable you to link successful business decisions with technological advancement.

Higher Diploma in Education (Proposed)

With the alignment of the Ministry of education regarding qualified teacher license.  ALDAR responded by offering higher diploma in education which is rich in current issues related to higher education and pedagogies. The main aims of the higher Diploma in education are:

  • To provide the student with opportunities to develop reflective practice – that is, an informed, enquiring, self-motivated approach to professional practice and learning
  • To introduce methods of engaging in professional enquiry relating to practice
  • To enable the student to engage critically with relevant literature