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School of Arts And Social Sciences (ON PROBATION WITH NO NEW ADMISSIONS)

The School of Arts and Social Sciences offers accredited Bachelor’s degree program designed to reflect the latest developments and professional trends. Taking into consideration the local market demand and international job market, School of Arts and Social Sciences program aims to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation, professional skills and an empirical vision of today’s business environment. The degree leads to a wide choice of career options such as in Public Relations, Marketing, Media, Advertising, Consulting, Administrative, and Strategic Advising in addition to other fields in both the private and public sectors.

Department General Education

The General Education Department (GED) is created to fulfill the fundamental needs of all graduate students.  It is a starter through which students of all course and departments must go. The GED is based on the rationale that the courses offered therein give the students a basis on which to develop further learning.  It is also a starting point for self-learning, the process of analyzing of information and problem solving.   This department attempts to cultivate an informed attitude in students and train them to acquire a calculated approach to decision making.  The courses in this department include work and assignments based on research, experimenting and other such activities. These, in turn, involve students in applying knowledge to practical situations, learning critical thinking, communication and team work.

The GED identifies with the college aims of globalization and multiculturalism. It gives the students basic grounding in a variety of subjects and adds to a healthy start to a world view. Skills suited for education in math’s and info tech and oral and written communication are also dealt with. All in all, it attempts to give students communication literacy, information literacy, cultural and historical literacy and critical and ethical thinking plus an aesthetic and creative conceptualization of the world.

Department of Mass Communications (Inactive)

Bachelor degree in HR Management ALDAR University in Dubai


In light of ALDAR University College interest in the Department of Mass Communication

The College of Arts and Social Sciences at ALDAR University College is one of the most important colleges in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the three Schools at ALDAR University College. Currently, the Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications is specialized in public relations. There are other programs in the approval stage from the Ministry of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates and they are Bachelor of Law, Sociology and Digital Media along with Master of Arts in Public Relations.


The curriculum at the School of Arts and Social Sciences at ALDAR University College in the UAE have been designed in a modern scientific way to meet the needs of students and the community by developing the creative abilities and critical thinking skills of graduate students and meeting the basic skills required in the labor market. The School of Arts and Social Sciences is interested in literature, media, thought and culture that advances human development in society. This is achieved through the promotion of the values of advanced education, scientific research and community service in general, and to contribute effectively to the development of the UAE society by faculty members of the School of Arts and Social Sciences with their diverse experiences in the development of the public and private sectors. In the same context, the administration of the School of Arts and Social Sciences at ALDAR University is working hard to provide all means of unlimited logistical and scientific support to the students of the School by encouraging them to study excellence in scientific, literary, cultural and creative fields.  The School of Arts and Social Sciences seeks to achieve its scientific vision, which states: “The School of Arts and Social Sciences should become a leading center locally, regionally and internationally through pioneering literary studies and social sciences through the provision of distinguished education in mass communication, sociology, and law. Through the achievement of its scientific mission: “The commitment of the School of Arts and Social Sciences of quality and intellectual excellence by promoting the environment of innovative education, scientific research, creative thinking and criticism, and communication skills. That is to provide the society with qualified graduate in the fields of high literary and social sciences.”