Public Speaking

Public Speaking

5 Day Instructor Led Course – 35 Contact Hours

Course Overview:

The course focuses on the practical skills of public speaking and grounded in classical and contemporary theories of rhetoric, it offers full coverage of all major aspects of speech preparation and presentation. Utilizing the full suite of resources, students learn to internalize the principles of public speaking, build confidence through speech practice, and prepare for success in the classroom and beyond. With the new Enhanced Speech Capture, instructors now have the ability to evaluate live speeches using a customizable rubric in the classroom. Instructors may also upload speech videos on students’ behalf to create and manage true peer review assignments. With its groundbreaking adaptive learning system also helps students “know what they know,” while guiding them to experience and learn important concepts that they need to know to succeed.

Course Objectives:

Help today’s students become capable, responsible speakers and thinkers.

Target Audience:

Instructors. Public figures. Spokespeople. Students. Managers. Trainers.

Course Outline:
Part one: Speaking and listening
Module 1: Speaking in public