President’s Message

President's Message

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to ALDAR University College!

At ALDAR, we work as a team to achieve our vision and mission to reach the level of excellence by 2021. This is our commitment to the Board of Trustees and to the UAE society. Last year, ALDAR made qualitative strides in three main areas to achieve excellence and a better quality of education.

Firstly, ALDAR enhanced the educational pedagogy by adopting the Learning by Developing Model  which enables our students to find solutions to real world problems through experiential learning. This has been adopted through  strategic alliance agreements signed with Lauria University from Finland, – a country known around the world for its unique system of education as well as  with Northern Illinois University of USA.

ALDAR is motivating its students to obtain relevant professional certifications aligned with current market needs.

Secondly, the introduction of an ambitious scientific research. ALDAR has established a strategic plan focused on sustainability from engineering, managerial and social perspectives  supported by all 3 schools – the School of Engineering and Information Technology, School of Business Administration and School of Arts and Social Sciences. With a view of creating, enhancing, facilitating and promoting research, ALDAR also launched its own Scientific Journal: ALDAR Research Journal For Sustainability which is a peer reviewed scientific journal and well-governed by international reviewers. The first volume with two editions has already been published.

In order to enhance the scientific research, an annual budget has been allocated to support qualified scientific research teams on sustainability.

Thirdly, community service has been carried out in several fields. ALDAR has many successful achievements to prove its credibility in preserving the environment through various green energy initiatives.  Some of the institutions  are Environment club and Shams Initiatives in cooperation with DEWA and programs such as recycling process and paperless offices that have been replaced by digital files.

In this regard, I am grateful to members of the Advisory Councils, our true partners who provided us with the necessary advice and consultation to introduce these new aligned programs. I also thank them for offering internship to our students and for their kind support.

The President