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The Policy

It is the policy of ADUC to ensure that in the unlikely event of discontinuation or termination of a program, students enrolled will be given the possibility to complete the program. 


ADUC is committed to offer the relevant courses until such time that all enrolled students complete the program. Alternatively, ADUC has in place a bank financial guarantee as an indemnity reserve and would propose alternative acceptable options to students on a voluntarily basis. 


The Teach-Out Plan at ADUC will ensure: 

  • Timely notice to the concerned students 
  • Communication of detailed arrangements and disposition allowing enrolled students to complete their degree requirement at ADUC. 
  • Provide the students with full details of the occurring change that is affecting ADUC. 
  • Provide the students with the list of institutions offering similar program(s) to make the teach-out. 
  • Finalize arrangements for students with selected institutions.
  • Prepare for a smooth transition of teach-out students between ADUC and the receiving institution 
  • Consider the possible financial obligations toward the student in the event of higher tuition fee rates, or due to the loss of credits as a result of the compulsory change of academic program or concentration, until completing all their academic requirements. 
  • Plan for a monitoring process that will include: list of teach-out students,  progress during the teach-out phase, and the advising requirement for the completion of their programs
  • The program will be terminated once all obligations to enrolled students are completely and satisfactory fulfilled 
  • No new students will be admitted into the concerned program 


The Transfer option is voluntary and cannot be enforced on the concerned students. A formal consent by the concerned students will be required and kept in students’ files. 


Students must take a sufficient number of courses each semester to enable them to complete all the requirements during the Teach-Out period.