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Standard 3. Educational programs
Summer delivery

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The Policy

ADUC offers summer teaching sessions, which must be a minimum of 6 weeks in duration. A course offered in such a delivery period constitutes a course offered in intensive mode courses in condensed periods during the Summer (Summer Sessions I and II). It follows the CAA-Standard 2019-Appendix 1/Annexure 14.2 for Planning, Delivery, and Assessment of the courses offered. The following guidelines must be adhered to for Summer offerings:

  1. The Course Syllabus format and components must remain the same except for the number of weeks. 
  2. The credit hours and total duration of contact hours and teaching hours must remain the same per the approved Syllabus. 
  3. Any recommendations for change in any component must follow the Curriculum Approval and Revision policy. 


The course offerings by the School shall be based on the following considerations:

  1. The General Registrar shall send a report to all the schools with the following information:
  1. List of graduating students and their remaining courses.
  2. List of students who failed in the Fall and Spring semester of the current Academic Year.
  1. The Vice President for Academic Affairs office shall consider the demand for a specific course during the Summer semester based on the General Registrar and the Schools.


The School Council shall deliberate on the points mentioned above and finalize the summer semester’s course offering.