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The Policy

This Policy regulates the Rights and Responsibilities of students during their period of studies at ADUC. This Policy applies to students enrolled at ADUC.


Student Rights 

  • The Dean of Student Affairs and Community Engagement is responsible for ensuring that the academic staff and non-academic staff are informed of students’ rights. 
  • Each academic advisor is responsible for ensuring that his/her advisees are aware of their rights during their study at ADUC.
  • Students of ADUC have the right to: 
  • freedom from discrimination: ADUC adheres to the principle 
  • access to their educational records
  • access to the educational services of ADUC such as Library, laboratories, counseling, advising
  • access to their educational records 
  • be protected against unauthorized disclosure of information about their academic records 
  • form, join or participate in association and elect their representatives. Students are free to form groups or organizations to promote students interest 
  • a safe and healthy physical environment on campus, one that provides suitable conditions for learning and studying 
  • support and assistance from ADUC in their academic and non-academic activities 
  • be free from Misconduct, harassment, and abuse 
  • appeal any academic or non-academic decision affecting them 
  • file a complaint 
  • access and use the service of relevant support offices such as Office of Student Services or Office of Career Services 
  • appeal academic and non-academic decisions.


Student Responsibilities 

Students at ADUC are expected to behave and conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, and respect for others’ rights. Students at ADUC shall not commit: 

  • offenses against others (harassment, theft, physical and sexual abuse, assault, and any other act of physical or moral violence and aggression 
  • offenses against property and equipment, material damages, theft, unauthorized use of equipment and properties of ADUC 
  • general offenses: any action that violates privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, discrimination against race, sex, religion, age 
  • offenses against ADUC policies, rules, non-compliance with regulations 
  • violations of UAE Laws and Customs 


Each student enrolled at ADUC is responsible for: 

  • keeping herself/himself informed and fully acquainted with all rules, regulations, and policies of ADUC that are published in the student handbook, which is available on ADUC website www.aldar.ac.ae
  • complying with all rules, regulations, and policies of ADUC 
  • respecting the rights and property of others 
  • making progress in achieving his/her educational goal
  • the selection of his courses after consultation with his/her academic advisor
  • finding legal, financial sources to finance his/her studies
  • his/her compliance with the Code of Conduct 
  • the consequences that follow the discovery that he/she used falsified document(s) for his/her admission or during his/her studies at ADUC