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The Policy

ADUC has appropriate security measures to protect student data integrity and confidentiality, all course data and analytics, and student information.


ADUC has an adequately staffed Office of Admission and Registration that ensures that students are properly registered. The below-mentioned records are properly maintained in the physical file kept on-site in secure and fireproof storage.

  1. Application Form and Acceptance letter completed and signed by the applicant 
  2. Original/certified true copy of High School Certificate or its equivalent 
  3. TOEFL/IELTS (or any equivalent) test results 
  4. Copy of student’s Passport and Emirates ID 
  5. Official Academic Transcripts and Exemption letter for credits transferred (if any) 
  6. Result of the English entry tests (if applicable) 
  7. Student Academic Record and Course Registration Status 
  8. Probation Status (if applicable) 


Access to the Student Record Store Room for authorized personnel is biometric. 

ADUC has an off-site continuous electronic backup for all electronic student records. 

Only the staff of the Office of Admission and Registration are authorized to access, maintain and update the student records.

The student records are maintained for not more than fifty years.

ADUC will keep only the transcript and degree certificates after that period and will discard all other documents.

  • To ensure the confidentially of records and respect of individual privacy rights, the student records cannot be released to any third party (including parents, spouse, and guardian) unless otherwise authorized by the concerned student by writing an authorization letter. 
  • Officials of ADUC may have privileges to access the student records according to their designation when acting in the student’s educational interest and within the limitations of their need to know. These officials include faculty, academic advisors, and personnel in the General Registrar, Counselling, Finance, and other ADUC officials with legitimate educational interests.
  • The student has the right to inspect and review the information contained in his or her record. The student must submit a written request to the General Registrar, identifying the records to be inspected. The General Registrar will then arrange a mutually convenient appointment within 45 days of submitting a written request.