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Standard 4. Research and scholarly activities
Student involvement in research

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The Policy

Students at ADUC are encouraged to participate in research and scholarly activities. The Research Coordinator of each school encourages the students and faculties to initiate academic articles. The Dean of School Research and Graduate Studies (SRGS), in coordination with the Research School Coordinators, conducts a workshop for the students at the beginning of the academic year to generate awareness among students towards research and motivate them to contribute to the academic body of knowledge.


Participation in research allows students to apply classroom knowledge to pertinent real-world conditions critically and thus might offer solutions. Students and faculty supervisors will have the opportunity to publish their academic articles in local and international journals or participate in conferences.



  • The students will submit their research ideas to be reviewed by faculty members and approved by the research coordinator in each school. 
  • The school research coordinator will assign the student(s) to faculty supervisors as per area of specialization and forward to the dean SRGS and assist the faculty member to follow-up. 
  • The assigned faculty supervisors will guide and synchronize students to research school initiatives and finalize their works and report to the research school coordinator. 
  • Dean SRGS and school research coordinators will evaluate unique and creative topics toward publishing in local or international journals. 
  • The students with the best academic articles will be awarded on Applied Research Day.