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The Policy

ADUC Students have the right to lodge a formal complaint or grievance in cases of unfair treatment or violation of ADUC policies. 

The Policy applies to all academic and non-academic issues. The Policy of ADUC encourages students to attempt to resolve the grievance informally to the extent that is possible. Only when the problems cannot be solved informally, the student resort to the formal grievance procedure. 

The complaint must be individual, substantiated with evidence, and signed by the concerned student. 



The Grievant or the respondent may appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding any disciplinary determination arrived at through a hearing and resulting in disciplinary probation, suspension, or dismissal provided he/she can produce new, convincing evidence. 

  1. An appeal must be in writing and delivered to Vice President for Academic Affairs within seven working days after the notice is delivered. 
  2. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will review the appeal to determine its viability 
  3. The Vice President for Academic Affairs may deny the appeal request and confirm the earlier findings 
  4. Sanctions may be reduced only if found to be substantially disproportionate to the offense 
  5. In no circumstance, the appellant will suffer heavier sanctions. 
  6. In case of new evidence that justifies heavier sanctions but is not considered by the Disciplinary Committee, the Vice President for Academic Affairs may refer such evidence thereto for a decision to be taken. 
  7. Decisions rendered by the Vice President for Academic Affairs are final, in writing, and notified to the appellant within five working days. 


Complaint Withdrawal 

A student may withdraw his/her complaint at any time. Consequently, the case is deemed closed, resolved, and not to be logged in the concerned parties’ files. 


Informal Resolution 

It is expected that the complainant will make a sincere and genuine attempt to resolve the problem informally by discussing the grievance with the person with whom he/she has a complaint, hereafter the respondent. 

The grievant may communicate directly with the respondent. In case the matter has been resolved, then no further actions are required. 

If the grievance is not satisfactorily resolved, the aggrieved may submit a request to the Head of Office of Student Services for a formal discussion of the problem. The request must be in writing and mentioning the reasons for filing. 


Formal Resolution 

  1. If the grievant wishes to formalize the process, a complaint should be filed with the Office of Student Services within five working days of the incident. The complaint should be a concise and complete statement of allegations. 
  2. The Dean of Student Affairs and Community Engagement will set a time and place for a hearing session within one week of the complaint’s date. The Office of Student Services will acknowledge the complaint, meet the grievant and the respondent, and discuss the charges. 
  3. The Dean of Student Affairs and Community Engagement will contact the following staff members designated as the Officer: 
  • School Dean or department Chair for any academic issues and offenses 
  • Office/Department Head for any non-academic issues and offenses 
  • The Officer will call to order the Disciplinary Committee to initiate the investigation, determine whether a violation has occurred, hear from all parties, receive written defenses/rebuttal by either party and decide on sanctions within five working days. 
  • It is the responsibility of the Office of Student Services to move the process forward. All the Committee’s deliberations shall be recorded as minutes of meetings. 
  1. Decisions are based on a majority vote of the members present. 
  2. All parties involved are notified of the Committee’s decision.
  3. The Office of Student Services will prepare a confirmation letter that the action has taken place. 
  4. A copy of the decision is sent to the concerned departments (Registration or HR) to be filed.


Disciplinary and Grievance Student Records 

  • ADUC maintains non-academic student records in other departments interacting with students. 
  • Use, confidentiality, and access to such records are determined by the ADUC department responsible for the service, activity, or function involved.