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The Office of Student Services supervises and assists the Student Council in organizing their events and activities. The Student Council represents the student body and conveys its views and opinions to ADUC management. It consists of six members selected from among students through elections scheduled at the beginning of each Academic Year and supervised by the Office of Student Services.

The Council acts as a liaison between students and ADUC. Students can liberally express their ideas and points of view to the Council through its members.

Major duties and responsibilities of the Student Council are to:

  1. participate in proposing rules and policies for all students of ADUC;
  2. promote student participation in various events and activities;
  3. utilize internal and external opportunities to serve students’ interests better;
  4. engage and promote students outreach activities;
  5. voice students’ problems and concerns


The Student Council is composed of:

  1. Council President – His/her major duties and responsibilities are:
  • chairing all the Student Council meetings
  • scheduling and attending meetings with heads of Clubs
  • overseeing the annual calendar of activities and events
  • approving the allocated budget of the Council and various Clubs
  • meeting with Deans of Schools, Department Chairs, and Head of Units, to voice concerns of students concerning specific academic and non-academic issues
  1. Secretary – His/her major duties and responsibilities are: 
  • maintaining minutes of meetings and attendance reports of the Student Council
  • communicating reports with the Office of Student Services
  • keeping records of personal information of all members of the Council
  1. Treasurer – His/her major responsibilities are:
  • reviewing all financial transactions, with the approval of the Head of Office of Student Services, related to the Council and the Student Clubs
  • preparing budgets and monetary issues related to the Council and the student clubs
  • communicating financial reports to the Office of Student Services


Student Council Membership

Members of the Student Council elect, during their first meeting, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Secretary, and Treasurer, by the absolute majority of the Council members. The Office of Student Services supervises the election process.

Members of the Student Council should possess the following qualifications:

  • Enrolled at ADUC and completed at least 15 credit hours.
  • Must not have been involved in any Academic or Disciplinary misconduct.
  • The membership duration is for one year only.


Student Clubs

  • The Office of Student Services is responsible for supporting clubs, which exists in ADUC.
  • The Office of Student Services supervises the formation of student Clubs, and each Club should consist of 3 to 5 members to be recognized as active by ADUC. 
  • The club should provide the Office of Student Services, on an annual basis, the members’ information, minutes of meetings, activity plan.


Club Membership 

  • Memberships expire a year after registration and open for renewal the following year 
  • Registration is open throughout the year but will be closed for one week preceding the selected club’s board members’ election day. 
  • Students may register as members of as many clubs as they wish. 
  • Each club should host at least two activities on campus each semester.


Club Advisors

The Head of student services, serves as an advisor to student clubs, provides guidance and support to the clubs to ensure compliance with ADUC rules and regulations and proper operational and financial functioning of the clubs.


Club/Community Nomination and Election 

  • Every year, clubs must hold elections to select new board members. 
  • Club executives are required to serve one full year in their posts. 
  • Students cannot run for more than one of the top positions of two different clubs simultaneously


Financial Resources of the Council and Clubs

  • ADUC allocates a yearly budget to students’ activities. 
  • The Council may also receive financial donations or gifts from individuals and institutions subject to obtaining prior approval from ADUC. 
  • Student Clubs must submit to the Office of Student Services a proposed budget for any event/activity they plan to organize.
  • ADUC management audits all financial resources and expenses of the Council.