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  1. The Policy

Grade Appeal

A student has the right to appeal a course grade that he believes was not satisfactory.

Disputes over final course grades may reflect disagreements that have arisen as the result of a late-semester project or the final exam. Students’ grade may only be changed by the instructor during the semester or by the recommendation of the Grade Appeal committee for the final exam grade.

Both students and faculty have rights and responsibilities in the grading process:

  1. Faculty members have the responsibility to provide students with syllabi that clearly outlines the basis on which students will be assessed and graded
  2. Faculty members have the responsibility to provide their students with timely feedback on their performance on quiz, case studies, projects, Mid-term and other assignments during the semester.
  3. Students who wish to appeal are responsible for clearly demonstrating that the final grade they received is contrary to procedures as specified in the syllabus, or was biased or based computational error.

Faculty members and students should communicate regularly and openly about all grading issues. A student who is dissatisfied with an instructor’s grading decision during a semester should discuss the issue with the instructor and attempt to resolve the matter informally. A student who believes that a grading issue has not been satisfactorily resolved should speak with the instructor’s department chair about the matter. The department chair should work with both the student and the instructor to address the issue. The decision of the department chair regarding issues on course work grades are final. 

  1. The Process

Students can only file for a course grade appeal at the end of the semester as per the following procedure:

  • Course Grade appeal can be lodged within a maximum period of 3 days from the time of the official release of the grades;
  • An official Grade appeal form with proper reasons and relevant documentations and justification must be duly filled up and submitted to the Office of Admissions & Registration;
  • The Department Chair will convene a Grade Appeal Committee Chaired by him\her and consisting of two faculty members to review the grade appeal;
  • The Grade Appeal Committee will re-examine final exam papers and grade distribution assuming that the student has seen his\her total assessments before the final exam and will take a decision to maintain or modify the grade(s);
  • The Grade Appeal Committee might request additional materials/documents from the instructor and/or student.
  • All parties concerned, including the student and course instructor, will be notified of the final decision taken by the Grade Appeal Committee.
  • The decision of the Grade Appeal Committee is final and the concerned students can no further dispute it;

Minutes will be taken during the deliberations of the Grade Appeal Committee

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