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Standard 3. Educational programs

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The Policy

The purpose of program specifications is to act as a definitive record of the program, providing its intended aims and learning outcomes and how students will achieve them.

Each program specification will summarize the program, outline the program’s aims and learning outcomes, detail the kinds of assessment that students should expect, provide a degree program table for the entire length of the program, discuss opportunities provided on the program, and outline admissions criteria. Prospective students should feel that they can make a well-informed decision about applying to the program from its specification.

Current students should refer to the program specification and see their learning journey reflected in the document.

A program specification template is provided to create a comprehensive and accessible document, enabling consistency in the information provided to current and future students about each program offered by ADUC.

The Program Specification provides the framework of a degree program and offers full information on the:

  1. Award and title of the program
  2. Level of the program
  3. Program aims
  4. Learning outcomes
  5. Program curriculum, structure, and features
  6. Admission criteria
  7. Support for student learning
  8. Methods for evaluating and improving the quality and standards of teaching and learning
  9. Regulation of assessment
  10. Includes the Framework for Higher Education Qualification (QFEmirates) level at which the qualification is located and shows how the Program Credit hours and learning outcomes are aligned with the descriptors in the


ADUC has published program specification for each degree program as per Annexure 10 of CAA Standards 2019.