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Standard 3. Educational programs

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The Policy

Students are expected to complete the degree as per the study plan; however, under unusual circumstances, the course substitution policy can be applied with the following conditions:

  1. Policy Statement can be applied for a student only once and only one course during the entire study plan.
  2. The student is currently active in the program
  3. The student is a graduating student in the current semester
  4. Course offered as a substitute is related to the course category field.
  5. Course offered as a substitute must be equal to or greater in credits and level than the required course.
  6. The course to be substituted is not offered during the semester, or the student cannot register due to conflict with other compulsory courses



The following procedure will be followed for course substitution:

  1. The student will get the form from the Office of Admission and Registration and discuss the course substitution options with his/her academic advisor.
  2. The student academic advisor will forward the request to the Chair of the Department.
  3. The Chair of the Department will discuss the request with the Dean.
  4. If approved, the deans will direct the General Registrar to offer the course to the student accordingly.
  5. The dean will further communicate with the Vice President for Academic Affairs for any additional information.
  6. The General Registrar will prepare a “Course Substitution Form” that the student, advisor, the chair, and dean will sign, which then will be placed in the student file for records.