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Standard 1. Governance and management

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Following is the development, approval, and review of ADUC mission:

  • The mission of the organization shall be reviewed every five years or earlier if required.
  • An initial proposal will be drafted by the BOT and discussed during the workshop.
  • Both the internal and external stakeholders shall be involved in the review process via a workshop.
  • The workshop shall be conducted in light of the current internal and external environment and ADUC performance.
  • Results of the review and the recommendations shall be forwarded to the BOT.
  • The BOT is responsible for finalizing the recommended changes in the mission of ADUC.
  • The BOT shall approve the new mission, and then a report will be sent to the CAA.
  • After the approval of the CAA, the changes will be implemented.
  • After implementation, the effect of the changes shall be reviewed.




ADUC Mission

To offer competitive educational programs in real-world settings, targeting a diverse population, aiming at developing and strengthening their careers. To engage with society in creating knowledge and promotion of research to achieve local and regional development.


ADUC Vision

To be a leading and internationally recognized higher education institution, contributing to the knowledge society and sustainable development of the United Arab Emirates and the Region.


Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Provide academic excellence and innovative learning experience for a diverse student body

Objective 1.1:   Create and sustain a culture that supports teaching excellence in all academic units

Objective 1.2:   Strengthen efforts to attract an excellent and diverse body of local and international students

Objective 1.3:   Ensure that current and emerging trends are embedded in the curricula through experiential and active learning


Goal 2: Enable graduates to pursue life-long learning and develop their careers

Objective 2.1:   Award career-oriented programs where market-based opportunities merge with ADUC academic strengths

Objective 2.2:   Provide opportunities for the student to participate in research through student-faculty collaborative scholarship programs

Objective 2.3:   Strengthen the Internship Program by entering into agreements (MOUs) with business organizations and supporting career counseling activities


Goal 3: Contribute to the sustainable development of the UAE and the region through knowledge-driven partnerships and collaboration with local and regional communities

Objective 3.1:   Explore new partnerships with national and international industries to promote economic and sustainable development of UAE and the region

Objective 3.2:   Promote environmental sustainability through green initiatives, reduced energy footprints, and other initiatives


Goal 4:     Maintain and enhance commitment to recruit and retain diverse faculty and staff within a supportive and collegial work environment

Objective 4.1:   Strengthen efforts to attract a qualified and diverse body of local and international faculty and staff

Objective 4.2:   Promote a challenging intellectual environment by providing professional development opportunities and encouraging freedom and productive dialogue within and across academic and non-academic departments

Objective 4.3:   Develop and implement policies and competitive compensation plans to retain highly valued faculty and staff


Goal 5: Provide an environment and resources to nurture and support research activities

Objective 5.1:  Align ADUC research activities to local industry needs and demands

Objective 5.2:   Allocate adequate funds and resources to invest in promising innovative fields

Objective 5.3:   Recognize faculty and students’ research activities to enhance productivity and creativity