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The Policy

ADUC adheres to the principle of professional growth and has established a policy to improve and to keep current staff skills and qualifications.


It is the responsibility of staff members to develop and propose a Professional Development Plan leading to enhance skills and expertise in the area of specialization.

  1. The proposal should demonstrate professional growth and its expected impact on their field of endeavor.
  2. The Professional Development Plan must provide a description of the proposed activity and specify its goal(s).
  3. The Professional Development Plan must be discussed and submitted to the Unit Head for approval.
  4. After reviewing the plan, the Manager either approves it or requests revision of the plan together with his/her appropriate comments.
  5. Proposal for professional development must be submitted towards the end of the academic year at the time of review of the Staff evaluation process.


Upon completion of the professional development activity, the staff member is required to submit to the Manager a report providing evidence of achievement of professional growth and its expected effects on his/her work. ADUC supports staff professional development and appropriate financial resources are allocated to cater to the needs of the staff.

The policy consists of strengthening the human capital development through:

  1. Training workshops;
  2. Seminars and professional conference attendance.


The Institution encourages its staff to avail various facilities and take full advantage of various dispositions extended by the institutions such as:

  1. Attend training course at the Institution free of cost;
  2. Avail services such as counselling and professional orientation;
  3. Allocate sufficient financial resources to cater to the needs of professional development of its staff;

Attend seminars and workshops related to their respective area of employment;