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Standard 5. Faculty and professional staff

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The Policy

This Staff Performance Appraisal’s principal purpose is to establish regulations and procedures to evaluate staff work performance and establish goals for the upcoming year. The policy shall provide two-way communication between the Units Heads and the staff members to identify job responsibilities and performance objectives and measure staff members’ performance against recognized job duties and expectations. The performance appraisal exercise shall be conducted on an annual basis and shall apply to all ADUC staff members across all grades. 



  • Assist Staff members in professional development and university goals achievement
  • Guide Units Heads to plan each staff member’s training and development
  • Establish goals and objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely (S.M.A.R.T)
  • Recognize strengths and areas that need continued development
  • Establish a development plan to improve job performance
  • Provide staff members with the opportunity to discuss with the direct supervisor job-related issues and benefits.


The Performance Appraisal Form (Appendix 13):

The Appraisal form provides performance ratings in two categories:

    • Category A:  Represent essential job duties that should be aligned with the Unit’s objectives.
  • Category B: Represent behavioral competencies such as, but not limited to, punctuality, attendance; customer service; communication; efficiency, and accuracy. (For a full list and description of competencies, check the performance form rating guide). 


The two categories’ weight distribution shall be 65% for Category A and 35% for Category B.


Performance Appraisal Procedure:

  1. The HR Office will announce via email to all ADUC Units the start of the evaluation cycle, which will occur at the beginning of the academic year.  
  2. Each Unit Head shall review with the staff(s) under his/her supervision the staff member’s job description, obtain the accord from ADUC President regarding any added amendments, and forward any updates to the HR Office for processing.
  3. Each staff member shall discuss and agree with the immediate supervisor on the Objectives and Competencies upon which he/she will be evaluated in accordance with the Personal Development Plan (PDP).
  1. Objectives should be linked or derived from the Unit’s main objectives, which should align with ADUC Mission and Goals. Objectives might take the form of a special assignment or project.
  2. Objectives should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound (S.M.A.R.T.).
  3. In consensus with their direct supervisor, staff members will select from a pre-given list behavioral competencies most relevant to their job description and work nature. 
  4. A mid-term appraisal review will occur between the supervisor and the staff to assess the level of progress and discuss issues that the staff member might have encountered.
  5. By the end of the academic year, an open and direct discussion between supervisor and staff member should occur to discuss their performance appraisal. The supervisor and employee together will review the past year’s performance, including objectives and goals and the performance rating. This discussion should help the staff member plan for his/her development and professional growth.
  1. A copy of the signed performance appraisal form should be reviewed by the Unit Head and provided to the employee. 
  2. Completed performance appraisal forms shall be sent to the HR Office with both the Unit Heads’ and Staff Members’ signatures. 


Resolving Performance Appraisal Conflict

  1. If the Staff Member disagrees with any part of the performance appraisal rating, the Staff Member should first discuss the matter with the supervisor. In case of non-agreement and if areas of disagreement persist, the Staff Member may describe specifically in writing (in the Staff Member Section) the areas of disagreement.
  2. The staff may raise an official complaint in writing to the HR Office. The Complaint Form should be submitted within one week from when the Staff member received the final appraisal decision from the HR Office.
  3. The HR Office shall escalate the case to the President, who shall establish an Ad-hoc Committee for discussion and recommendation. 
  4. The HR Office shall inform the Staff members (complainant) about the President’s final decision. 


Performance Appraisal Outcomes

  • The individual performance rating is confidential, and Staff members may not share their or other staff’s performance rating.
  • A satisfactory performance appraisal is not a guarantee of a salary review or increase.  
  • If the staff member’s performance is unsatisfactory, the Unit Head will set an action plan identifying areas where additional support or training may be needed. A copy of the plan shall be attached to the completed evaluation form. 
  • The Staff members’ progress shall be monitored in coordination with the HR office. 
  • In case performance issues continue, the President shall review the case. 


Staff Promotion

ADUC aims at career growth of its staff. Promotion and up-gradation will be linked to performance and recommendation from the Unit heads. The staff member must have satisfactory rating on his/her last performance appraisal report and have demonstrated his/her ability to integrate the Institution values into his/her work and perform the role as determined by management. The recommendation is forwarded to the HR and submitted for the appropriate decision to the President.