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Standard 4. Research and scholarly activities
Research objectives

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The Research strategy at ALDAR aims to focus on the following objectives:
  1. Promote research and scholarly activities that contribute to the enhancement of pedagogical and instructional capabilities of the College. Research that supports and improves quality teaching to be considered of prime importance.
  2. Establish and develop a sustainable research environment by (i) recruiting research active Faculty members, (ii) increasing the proportion of academic staff engaged in research through institutional support.
  3. Develop partnerships and linkages with industry and other private and public organizations to (i) secure support and funding and (ii) to facilitate exchange of knowledge and technology.
  4. Provide appropriate institutional support including research funding and research infrastructure.
  5. Align the Faculty Annual Performance Review and promotion to rank with the College research objectives.
  1. Policy Approver
  1. College Council
  1. Policy Steward/Owner:
  1. Dean, School of Research and Graduate Studies Email: deansrgs@aldar.ac.ae
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  1. Policy and Procedure Manual
  2. Faculty Handbook
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  1. Annual Review
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Version Approved By Approval Date Effective Date Sections Modified
1 CAA 1 August 2013 1 August 2013 Initial Accreditation
2 College Council 12 Sept 2019 12 Sept 2019 Research Strategy