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The Policy

The responsibility for maintaining and updating ADUC’s website rests with the IT Manager. The IT Manager will seek relevant information and updates from all ADUC Departments and stakeholders in their areas of interest to be publicized on the website, including information related to programs, student activities, faculty publications, seminars, and other academic and non-academic events hosted by ADUC 


Any changes in the website configuration, architecture, and content must be submitted for review and approval to the President before publishing 


ADUC Website Content providers and maintains the public information on the organization and structure of the ADUC as a higher education institution and its portfolio of programs and services. The website’s content should be sufficient for all stakeholders, particularly prospective students and their families, to make informed decisions on a higher education institution’s choice. The following information at institutional and program levels is considered to be the minimum that should be provided on the ADUC website: 


  • Institutional level 
  1. A brief introduction to the institution
  2. Vision and Mission
  3. Goals and Objectives 
  4. information on the governing body 
  5. information on the senior management team 
  6. organization chart
  7. current and previous Catalog(s) 
  8. Student Handbook
  9. academic calendar 
  10. admission requirements 
  11. information on General Education 
  12. student services and facilities
  13. organizational activities and news 
  14. information on branch campuses or campuses in other countries, if applicable 
  15. contact information and location 
  16. date of last website update
  17. Archive versions of the Institutional Manuals and Catalogs 


  • Program level 
  1. list of programs offered and local accreditation status; 
  2. international accreditation (if applicable); 
  3. for each program: 
  • chair/program coordinator; 
  • program learning outcomes; 
  • curriculum structure, credit hours, and graduation requirements; 
  • study/guidance plan; 
  • course descriptions 
  • cost of studying in the program; 
  • information about faculty serving the program (name, rank, highest qualification and name of awarding institution, major/specialty).