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Standard 5. Faculty and professional staff

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The Policy

Faculty professional requirement is to teach at different levels of the Degree program based on the following criteria:


  • Professional Qualifications

The faculty’s professional qualification to teach in the Degree programs accredited by CAA shall be as per the CAA Standards 2019 Stipulation 5.4. Faculty ranks allowed to teach as per the Degree Program requirements shall be as follows:

  1. A Terminal Degree holder in the relevant discipline shall teach all the courses in a Bachelor Degree Program, except the General Education courses. 
  2. A Master Degree holder can teach General Education courses in the relevant discipline. 
  3. The exceptions to the above conditions shall be as per CAA Standards 2019 
  4. Equivalency certification from MOE-UAE of the qualifying degree 
  5. The qualification requirement for Part-Time faculty shall be the same as a Full-Time faculty member. 


  • Professional Experience

The professional experience is the teaching experience gained in the same or related field at the Higher Education level. Professional Experience shall be considered as per the following criteria: 

  1. The claimed experience shall be the teaching experience in the same or related discipline at a Higher Education Institution. 
  2. The claimed experience must have been gained after the completion of the qualifying degree.
  3. The claimed experience was acquired while on Full-Time employment status.
  4. The industry’s experience can be counted depending upon the nature of experience and its relevance to the Degree Program or Courses.


  • Language Proficiency and Soft Skills

Language proficiency is required in the medium of instruction as per the degree program or the faculty’s courses. The language proficiency shall be evaluated at the time of recruitment during interview sessions and Demonstration lectures. The faculty teaching bilingual courses shall have language proficiency certifications as per the MOE-UAE standards. 

The soft skills in delivering lectures, presentations, conducting classroom discussions, seminars are essential for any faculty member. The same shall be evaluated during the recruitment and selection process. 


  • Technological Competencies

The faculty member must be well-versed in the technical skills required for teaching at a Higher Education Institution. The faculty shall possess the competency to manage the technological learning resources, applications, Learning Management System, Content Management System, and Institutional software and applications to ensure effectiveness as a faculty member. 


  • Employment of Professional Staff for Teaching 

Professional Staff shall be employed at ADUC for teaching assignments as per the following guidelines:

  1. The recruitment policy and process followed shall be the same as Part-Time Faculty recruitment.
  2. The Unit head of the Professional Staff shall provide a “No Objection Letter” mentioning the release time required to fulfill the teaching assignment requirement. 
  3. The remuneration applicable shall be the same as Part-Time faculty.
  4. Head of Academic Unit assigning the teaching assignment shall ensure no “Conflict of Interest” in employing Professional Staff of ADUC for teaching assignments.