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The By-Laws of the Board of Trustees (BOT) regulates the BOT constitution, responsibilities, and procedures. A clear distinction is drawn between the policymaking and fiduciary functions of the BOT and the administration’s commitment. The faculty and professional staff must administer and implement policy.

It is evident in both the governing documents and the BOT operation that the BOT is responsible for all the institution’s By-Laws.

Role & Responsibilities

  1. Appoints the President of ADUC and evaluates his/her performance annually.
  2. Approves all the institution’s policies.
  3. Approves the institution’s By-Laws.
  4. Approves and periodically reviews the ADUC’s mission and vision statements every five years.
  5. Approves the ADUC’s strategic plan, and monitors progress in its achievement.
  6. Reviews and evaluates reports on all aspects of the ADUC’s performance to enable it to assure ADUC and other stakeholders that appropriate academic standards and quality of provision for students are being maintained.
  7. Approves educational programs of a quality consistent with the ADUC’s mission.
  8. Confers, or authorizes the conferring of, all qualifications.
  9. Secures financial resources to support the ADUC’s goals adequately.
  10. Approves the annual budget.
  11. Approves major facilities, contracts, and campus plans unless otherwise delegated.
  12. Approves the selection of an external financial auditor and receives, and follows up on, the auditor’s report and management letter.
  13. Evaluates its effectiveness and uses that evaluation for improvement annually.
  14. Approves and monitors the risk management plan regularly.



Role & Responsibilities

The President provides academic and managerial leadership and is ultimately responsible for administering all programs and activities of ALDAR University College in conformity with the institution’s mission, objectives, and policies as set by the BOT

  1. Implementation of all resolutions adopted by the BOT
  2. Management of daily administrative and academic operations of ADUC
  3. Management of ADUC financial, administrative, and academic resources in an efficient way and compliance with the policies set by the BOT and applicable legislation
  4. Planning and budgeting following the policies set by the BOT
  5. Representation and promotion of ADUC with external stakeholders and the community
  6. Appointing the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, School Deans and Chairs
  7. Performing any other tasks assigned by the BOT




Role & Responsibilities

The Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as the Chief Academic Officer for ADUC.

He/she provides leadership and oversight on all Academic matters and activities. Specifically, the Vice President for Academic Affairs plays a leadership role in curriculum development, program review, student learning assessment, research and scholarly activities, faculty evaluation, and development.


The Vice President for Academic Affairs reports directly to the President.

  1. Supervises all matters related to curriculum and instruction at ADUC
  2. Oversees faculty and academic staff recruitment, promotion, evaluation, and research and publication
  3. Coordinates periodic program review, curriculum development, and improvement of instructional methods with Deans of Schools
  4. Promotes curriculum development, student success, and faculty development
  5. Provides leadership and oversight for student enrolment strategies
  6. Performs other duties as assigned by the President




The School Dean provides leadership and oversight on all Academic matters and activities within the school. Specifically, the Dean plays a leadership role in curriculum development, program review, student learning assessment, research and scholarly activities, faculty evaluation, and development within the school. The Dean reports directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs


Role and Responsibilities

Major duties and responsibilities of the School Dean include:

  • Manage the school’s educational programs efficiently.
  • Promote excellence in all academic activities and operations of the school.
  • Ensure compliance of academic programs and support activities with CAA standards.
  • Support Faculty professional development.
  • Promote research and scholarly activities of faculty.
  • Enforce implementation of academic policies, procedures, and overall ADUC strategies as determined by the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Board of Trustees.


Specific Duties include:

  • Prepare and submit the School’s Annual Report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Oversee recruitment, appointment, and promotion of academic staff.
  • Monitor Faculty work and academic activities.
  • Manage the School’s resources, including budget and facilities.
  • Plan and develop the school’s student enrolment in coordination with the Admission & Registration and Public Relation staff.
  • Serve in different committees as an ex officio member.
  • Implement ADUC policies and procedures.
  • Build and develop outreach activities.
  • Coordinate the development of the curriculum within the school.
  • Supervise and coordinate annual program review within the school.




The Dean of Research and Graduate Studies reports to the President and manages the research activities conducted per ADUC vision and mission.


 Major responsibilities of the Dean, Research and Graduate Studies includes:

  • Leading strategic planning for the research unit to ensure that the unit’s objectives are aligned with ADUC’s Strategic Plan objectives.
  • Reviewing the research strategy, priorities and recommend new research directions.
  • Reviewing and approving research expenses as per delegated authorities.
  • Managing research projects through research coordinators.
  • Conducting outreach initiatives to fund research projects.
  • Creating a positive environment to motivate intellectual and research growth.


Dean, Student Affairs and Community Engagement

The Dean, Student Affairs and Community Engagement (Dean, SACE) will be reporting to the Vice-President Academic Affairs. The DEAN, SACE will be heading the following unit heads:

  • Head, Student Affairs.
  • Coordinator, Career Services
  • Head, Health, and Safety
  • Head, Community Engagement


The Dean, SACE, as a leader of these units, will align and coordinate their activities towards the fulfillment of Institutional targets.


Major duties and responsibilities of Dean, SACE include:

  • Leading the strategic planning of the subordinate unit activities.
  • To ensure that the subordinate unit’s objectives are aligned with the College’s Strategic Plan objectives.
  • Updating and implementing the Institutional Community Engagement Strategy as per the changing social and industrial environment.
  • Guiding the units in Budget preparations.
  • Conducting outreach initiatives.
  • Evaluating the subordinate unit heads as per their job descriptions.


The post of Dean, SACE will be fulfilled by an academic faculty at the rank of a professor or associate professor. The appointed faculty will be released from 6 credit hours of teaching and other academic obligations associated with that. In the school from which the faculty will be appointed, an additional faculty will be recruited by the school to compensate for the released credit hours and other academic duties.  



The Department Chair reports to the School Dean and manages the Department to ensure excellence in teaching and research in compliance with the school goals and objectives.


Major duties and responsibilities of the Department Chair include:

  • Managing the Department’s academic affairs, including course scheduling, student orientation program
  • Supervising Department activities, including student advising, internship supervision, project works
  • Addressing student petitions, complaints.
  • Coordinating course offering and course allocation to Faculty.
  • Maintaining Department records.
  • Conducting Department meetings.
  • Implementing Department’s programs and plans.
  • Serving as the liaison between Faculty and the support staff.
  • Monitoring student academic progress.
  • Contributing (in coordination with the Dean) to Faculty search, hiring, and performance review.
  • Managing Faculty matters, including leave, professional development requests
  • Serving inappropriate Committees on an ex officio basis.