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ADUC policies shall be developed, published, and maintained under the following guidelines to assist Policy Owners in meeting the framework’s policy management requirements. There are many stakeholders involved in developing and preserving ADUC policies. Policy Owners are responsible for the development, maintenance, and regular review and updating of existing policies. Once the decision to develop a new policy, or amend an existing policy, has been taken, the steps set out in these guidelines should be followed.


All policies are required to be reviewed and revised as necessary at least once every year by the policy owner in coordination with the IE unit. 


Step 1 – Identify Policy Need

The first step in developing a new ADUC Policy, or to amend an existing one, is to identify the need to do so. It is primarily the responsibility of the Policy Owner to identify this need. Each ADUC School/Unit is required to periodically review and determine whether any of its policies require revision, replacement, or suspension. A new policy may be developed to set out ADUC’s position regarding a new issue or a new set of circumstances. Alternatively, an existing policy may need an amendment if the circumstances on which it is based change or where the current policy is no longer appropriate.


Step 2 – Review Existing Policies

Policy Owners should first check that ADUC does not have an existing policy on the relevant issue. Policy Owners should also consult with relevant stakeholders to ensure a policy that addresses the topic under consideration does not already exist.


Step 3 – Drafting a Policy

The policy owner prepares the first draft for the new policy or suggested revisions in an existing policy, based on an inclusive process including feedback from various stakeholders obtained through meetings, surveys, benchmarking, email, etc., and forwards it to the IE Unit for review and comments.


Step 4 – Policy Approval

Once the policy is assessed and finalized, the same shall be presented in College Council for discussion and approval.


Step 5 – Policy Dissemination

Once a policy is approved, the policy shall be communicated by the policy owner to the ADUC community via a circular to all concerned parties


Step 6 – Periodical Review of Policies

The policy owners’ responsibility is to periodically review the policies allocated to their respective Schools/Units and revised them as necessary in coordination with the IE Unit.


Step 7 – Document Control

The document control ensures that faculty and staff are using the correct version of the documentation. Document control can be used to track the changes that occur to a document and record its distribution throughout the document’s development and subsequent revision(s). Document control will be applied to the Policy and Procedure manuals. Amendments and revisions of documentation are the responsibility of document owners and final approval is undertaken by BOT.