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Standard 5. Faculty and professional staff

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Employment of Relatives

The employment of relative is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Relatives cannot be recruited or assigned in the same profit or decision-making office, either at the Institutional or Unit level. 
  2. The recruitment of relatives shall be solely on a merit basis.
  3. The recruitment of relatives for any post shall be subject to the decision of the College Council.



ADUC does not discriminate on basis of race, color, religion, nationality, origin, age (within the constraints of UAE labor laws), non-disqualifying handicapping condition, ethnic groups, or gender, in any of its programs, activities, contracts, personnel administration practices or any other actions it undertakes. 


Furthermore, the Institution will maintain and advance those practices, processes, and circumstances that provide equal opportunity to all individuals. Without limiting this non-discrimination policy, ADUC is committed to complying with all laws applicable to a Faculty member’s employment at ADUC. 


Transparency in recruitment

Search for Faculty will be pursued in full transparency, and job-related descriptions and requirements will be publicly advertised in relevant print or digital media. All job vacancies will also be posted on the ADUC website.