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Annual Leave 

Faculty members are entitled to 45 days paid annual leave for each fully completed academic year of service; this is also to any official leaves announced by MOE or MOL in UAE. Annual leave is to be taken during summer. Annual leave cannot be postponed or transferred. Untaken leave is not transferable to cash.


Semester Break

Faculty members are entitled to two weeks of the fall semester and one-week spring mid-semester breaks.


Maternity Leave 

Female Faculty and Professional Staff are entitled to 45 days of fully paid maternity leave (inclusive of public holidays) provided that the concerned Faculty or Professional Staff has completed one year of service at the ADUC. Faculty or Professional Staff who have not completed one year will be entitled to the same with a half-pay only.


Sick Leave

All Faculty and Professional Staff are entitled to a maximum of 90 days of sick leave as per the UAE Law, subject to completing the probationary period at ADUC.

The sick leave policy is as follows:


Number of Days

Amount payable

First 15 days

Full Pay

Following 30 days

Half Pay

Following 45 days

No Pay

Compassionate / Bereavement leave

In case of death of a next-of-kin (i.e., spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, brothers, and sisters), bereavement leave is granted for five days with full pay.


Hajj Leave

All full-time Muslim Faculty and Professional Staff are entitled to perform the Hajj pilgrimage once during their service at ADUC. The duration of the pilgrimage shall not exceed twenty (20) days. It will be covered with full pay.


Emergency Leave

An employee may be granted emergency leave for a period up to one week per academic year at the discretion of the Dean.


Public Holiday 

Public holidays will be mentioned in the academic calendar of ADUC. 


Duty Resumption 

All Faculty and Professional Staff returning from leave have to inform the HR Department by submitting a work resume form. Faculty and Professional Staff who do not report back to work on their scheduled rejoining date will be considered leave without pay.