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Standard 1. Governance and management INSTITUTIONAL PLANNING

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The Institutional Planning (IP) at ADUC happens in a top-down approach. The Top Management formulates its Strategic Plan as per the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals and allocates resources to the respective units. Top Management ensures the alignment of Institutional Policies and procedures as per the Licensing and accrediting agencies.

The Strategic Planning is made for five years and is reviewed with the focus on growth and continuous improvement, aligned with ADUC mission, vision, and strategic plan, which the Board of Trustees approves. The strategic plan is conveyed to all the stakeholders in the form of action plans and KPIs. These are reviewed near mid-term in the context of continuous improvement based on regular assessment and evaluation.


The Institutional planning procedure shall be as follows:

  1. The President office conducts the Institutional planning with or without consultation with an external consultant.
  2. The planning process shall start six months before the completion of the existing Strategic Plan.
  3. Involve all the major stakeholders, i.e., Faculty, Professional Staff, Student, Alumni, Partners, and Employer.
  4. The Strategic Plan shall be presented in the College Council for discussion and recommendation.
  5. The approved Strategic Plan shall be sent to the Board of Trustees for endorsement and communicated to the CAA.
  6. The Strategic Plan shall be communicated to all the stakeholders. Each unit shall prepare its annual action plan in alignment with the Strategic Plan.
  7. After two years, the Strategic Plan implementation and achievement shall be reviewed by the BOT, and corrective measures shall be taken whenever required and necessary.