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The Policy

This policy outlines ADUC commitment to protect all stakeholders and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. Guidelines for ADUC student information release shall be as follows:

  • Requests for information from any party, entity with regards to students shall be forwarded to the General Registrar. 
  • The General Registrar may release to student’s sponsor, information relating to student’s grade to facilitate courses payments fees. 
  • The General Registrar shall release, upon formal request, from ADUC concerned Units, student identification, contact, and other related information; for community related services, participation in seminars, or joining ADUC clubs. 
  • The General Registrar shall also release to ADUC Schools and Departments during schedules examinations, students’ contact details to enable the monitoring of class pass ratios, or recognize educational achievement. 
  • Degree certificates shall be handed directly to the student, upon the student’s graduation, unless the student authorizes in writing its release to a designated person or entity. 
  • ADUC shall not release, under any circumstances, students’ details or information, to third parties for commercial purposes.
  • Any and all information requests from the media shall be referred to and handled by the ADUC President Office.


Student Information that might be released from the General Registrar shall be limited to the following: 

  • Student Full Name 
  • Student Contact details 
  • Student Degree details 
  • Student CGPA details
  • Student Joining and Graduation dates


External parties and internal Units bear the full responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality regarding the received information.