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Standard 5. Faculty and professional staff

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The Policy

The Human Resource department manages faculty and Professional Staff records as per the confidentiality clause of UAE-Federal law. The records are maintained in both physical or Digitized form. The confidentiality clause applies to both format, and access to the records is limited to authorization as per the following clauses:

  1. Individual or any organization authorized by the President.
  2. Person holding and official designation in the Institution requiring information as per their job profile or job description. 
  3. All personnel files are retained for Five (5) years after Faculty and Professional Staff end employment. 


The Faculty and Professional Staff records shall be secured physically as per appropriate resources and facility. The HR department keeps a file for each Faculty and Professional Staff employed by the ADUC. The files must include the following physical documents.

  1. Curriculum Vitae 
  2. Employee personal details form, including up-to-date information about the home address, personal email, and telephone details.
  3. Security Clearance 
  4. An original and signed copy of the employment contract 
  5. Copy of the attested degree along with the official transcripts.
  6. Equivalency certification from MOE-UAE of the qualifying degree for the appointment. 
  7. Copy of the passport with valid residence in the UAE and Emirates ID
  8. Record of annual leave 
  9. Professional Development Plan
  10. Annual Performance Evaluation 
  11. Copies of promotion and increments 
  12. Copies of warnings and disciplinary actions (if any) 
  13. Copies of recommendation letters, reference letters, and experience certificates. 


Faculty and Professional Staff Access to Personal Files/Records

Faculty and Professional Staff have the right to inspect and review the contents of their personal file/record, subject only to pre-arrangement regarding time and supervision of HR staff to correct or update information as needed.