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Standard 5. Faculty and professional staff

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The Policy

ADUC expects its Faculty and Professional Staff to adhere to its ethical standards and uphold the job values entrusted in them, including not disclosing confidential matters or documents that may be privy due to work nature. They should equally respect superiors and colleagues at work. It is strictly forbidden for a Faculty or Professional Staff at ADUC to accept work for his/her benefit or to act as a go-between for jobs or contracts at any other workplace.


Code of Conduct

Faculty and Professional Staff members are expected to perform their duties and responsibilities at ADUC as determined by their employment contract and strictly comply with ADUC laws, rules, and regulations. They are expected to refrain from indulging in any activity that could harm ADUC and abide by all country laws, customs, and values. Some of the essential aspects of maintaining the code of conduct are, but not limited to, the following:

  1. All Faculty and Professional Staff at ADUC should maintain the highest ethical standard in performing their duties in or on behalf of the Institution. 
  2. Abide by the confidentiality rule and avoid release of ADUC information to unauthorized persons 
  3. Disclose to the ADUC management any potential conflict of interest. Conflict of interest may result from either financial interest or family ties, which may conflict with the responsibilities performed at ADUC.
  4. Avoid conducting ADUC business with family members or receiving gifts/loans from third parties doing or planning to do business with the ADUC 
  5. Conduct student’s evaluation in all fairness and transparency 
  6. Avoid any form of discrimination against students, administrative staff, and colleagues. 
  7. Faculty will not have any interest or participation in organizations or businesses whose activities conflict with ADUC policy and procedures. 
  8. Avoid unauthorized use of Institution resources for personal purposes.
  9. Avoid the use of Institution letterheads and email ID for any other use than official ADUC business.
  10. Insubordination or refusal to comply with employer’s instructions, unless such instructions are injurious to the Faculty or Professional Staff’s safety and health.


Disciplinary Measures

In case of any violation of the Code of Conduct, the following measures can be taken by the Unit Head:


Warning Letter: for minor violations or first-time violations, a warning letter will be sent by the Unit Head to the concerned party informing him/her of the consequences of his/her action should the violation continue. 


Official reprimand Letter: The reprimand letter is issued by the Unit Head and constitutes an official warning to the concerned Faculty and Professional Staff to immediately end the violation and comply with the Institution’s code of conduct and rules and regulations. The reprimand letter is filed with the HR Department in the concerned Faculty and Professional Staff file.


Termination of Contract: The Faculty or Professional Staff contract can be terminated.



Violation by Faculty: A disciplinary committee shall be constituted by the Vice-President Academic Affairs as per the following composition:

  1. Head of the department to which faculty belongs
  2. One representative from the Human Resource department
  3. One faculty member from a different School
  4. Any other member(s) relevant to the case.


Violation by Professional Staff member: A disciplinary committee shall be constituted by the Director, Administration, and Finance as per the following composition:

  1. Head of the department to which staff belongs
  2. One representative from the Human Resource department
  3. One member holding Academic Administrative Designation
  4. Any other member(s) relevant to the case.
  5. The Committees shall communicate their decisions to the authority which constituted the committee, and the action will be taken accordingly.



The Policy

The Faculty and Professional Staff can appeal against the decision of disciplinary or any other committee decisions to the Office of the President within ten days from the date of communicating the Faculty and Professional Staff’s decision. The appeal shall be filed through an official letter or Email. The President can take the following action:

  1. The President will review the appeal to determine its viability. 
  2. The President may deny the appeal request and maintains the committee decision. 
  3. The President may constitute a new committee for investigation.
  4. Decisions rendered by the President are final.