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The Policy

The examination policy consists of general guidelines applicable at the Institutional level; however, the schools and departments have their subsets of examination procedures to make the process robust and error-proof.

  1. There shall be an Examination committee at the school level. (Refer to Section “1-C- Terms of reference of Standing Committee, Ad-Hoc Committee”)
  2. The midterm exam shall be scheduled for the 8th week of the semester. The final exam shall be scheduled for the 16th week of the Regular semester, i.e., Fall and Spring. In the Summer Semesters, the Final exam shall be conducted in the seventh week.
  3. All faculty members with multi-section must coordinate with their department Chair to have a common question paper for the final exams. All sections will have the exam on the same date and time.
  4. The office of Admission and Registration shall announce the Final exam timetable as finalized and approved by the schools’, Deans and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  5. The Office of Admission and Registration shall prepare the students’ lists, attendance sheets, seating layout, and seat numbers for the Final exams.
  6. Students having more than two Final exams on the same day or having clashes in their exam schedule should attend the higher-level courses’ exams and report to the dean’s office for the schedule of the missed exam.
  7. Each instructor, as per the syllabus, will conduct regular Quizzes and midterm exams. In case a continuous assessment is missed by the student, the decision to allow Makeup exam to the student is the discretion of the faculty in consultation with the Chair of the Department.
  8. For missed Final exams, students must pay the Makeup Exam Fee payable upon approval of the school dean as per the student’s study plan’s fee structure. This exam must be taken within two weeks from the beginning of the following semester.
  9. Students will be allowed to enter 10 minutes before the start of the exam.
  10. Students will be denied entry after 30 minutes from the start of the exam.
  11. Students arriving or starting the exam late but within 30 minutes from the start of the exam will not be provided any extra time.
  12. Students will not be allowed to leave the examination hall before 40 minutes from the starting time of the examination.
  13. The students can clarify the doubts within 30 minutes from the start of the exam, after which it can be considered as disturbance to others in the examination site.


Mid Term and Final Examination Procedure

  1. Once the quality of the offered courses’ Mid Term and Final exam is approved through the exam quality assessment procedure, the Dean of the concerned school’s office will stamp the master copy of the examination paper.
  2. The concerned instructor will make the necessary copies from the stamped copy. For Final Examination the exam copy should be stapled in the booklet cover provided by the Registration office. The final exam question paper and answer scripts must NOT mention the name and Student ID as it shall be mentioned on the booklet cover provided by the registrar.
  3. The number of booklets shall be packed as 30 booklets in each packet.
  4. On the day of the Final examination, the instructor will report to the Dean’s office and distribute the examination booklet packets to the co-invigilator, if any.
  5. The invigilator shall cross-check the course and exam scheduled among the Question paper packet and Exam scheduled in the respective room as per the information posted outside the exam room.
  6. All the invigilators must reach the examination venue minimum of 15 minutes before the start of the exam.
  7. The invigilator must ensure that the students’ seating plan is followed, failing which the student shall not be allowed to attempt the exam.
  8. The invigilators shall announce that students must follow strict compliance of Examination policy and protocols failing to apply the academic dishonesty policy.
  9. The invigilator shall file the infractions report at the end of the examination through “EIAS Academic Misconduct Reporting” module.
  10. The Office of Admission and Registration shall provide the attendance sheet.
  11. Upon the exam completion, the invigilators shall cross check the number of booklets with the number of the students as per the attendance sheet.
  12. The invigilator must fold and paste the corners of the final exam booklet cover flap to hide the student’s name and ID as per the perforation mark on the top right corner of the booklet.
  13. In case the examination is of any other instructor, the invigilators shall submit the answered examination booklets to the respective Dean’s office to be collected by the instructor.
  14. The instructor shall submit the Marks and answer booklets to the Office of the Registrar within 48 hours from the exam date.
  15. The office of the Registrar will remove the flap hiding the student’s name and ID on the booklet and enter the final examination marks in the EIAS.
  16. Once grades are entered an email will be sent to the concerned faculty.
  17. The concerned faculty will cross-check and submit the final grades to present it in the School Council for approval and publishing.
  18. Once the grades are approved in the School Council, the grade sheet shall be signed by the Faculty, Chair and Dean to be submitted to the Office of Registrar.
  19. Once the Registrar receives the signed grade sheet, the same will be stamped by the Registrar office and students’ marks will be published on EIAS.

Missed Examinations

If circumstances beyond student control cause the student to miss a scheduled exam, ADUC will reschedule the exam for the student.

After conferring with faculty member, the student must provide the Office of Admission and Registration with valid and verifiable evidence. Additional fees may apply.

The Office of Admission and Registration coordinates the examination date with the course instructor after the Vice President for Academic Affairs approves the student’s request to take the missed exam.

The student must take a missed exam within two weeks of its originally scheduled date.