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Standard 4. Research and scholarly activities
Ethical research

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The Policy

ALDAR University College is committed to maintaining and promoting the highest standards of integrity in scientific research. The research ethics policy aims at supporting ADUC’s commitment to intellectual freedom and research excellence. This policy statement intends to provide a procedural framework to help faculty and students exercise ethical judgment in research. For this policy’s purposes, the term ‘researcher’ includes ADUC’s academic and undergraduate students. The information that shall be collected will be kept confidential, and informed consent has to be obtained and signed by the participants.


Conflicts of interest should be declared and dealt with appropriately. All students and staff undertaking research are required in their studies or career to have appropriate ethical research awareness. Furthermore, to have significant relevant experience before embarking on evaluating the ethical implications of their research or other aspects of this policy. The researcher is responsible for ensuring that all research is appropriately ethical before submitting it to the journals.