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The Policy

The policy audits a student’s degree’s requirements against their academic transcript. This audit aims to check whether the student’s transcript complied with the concerned program’s study plan. The Degree certificates are audited by the concerned schools and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness for the following details:

  1. Transcript S. No
  2. Student Name & ID
  3. Program and Concentration
  4. High School Information
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Semester Graduated
  7. CGPA
  8. English Proficiency
  9. Number of Credits passed



The General Registrar sends the list of expected graduates to the Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs

After the expected graduates are verified from the respective schools, the same list is sent to the IE Unit for audit

The list will be approved by the College Council and forwarded to the Board of Trustees for conferral, and the students must fulfill the clearance form to get the degree certificate.


Student Study Mode and Load

The course load for all undergraduate students in a regular semester will be 12 to 18 credit hours as per the study plan; however, it can exceed up to 21 credit hours if the student is graduating based on the study plan and approval of the Dean.

Because of the compressed schedule during the summer semester, students may register in no more than six (6) credit hours in the summer Semester except for expected-to-graduate students who may register up to nine (9) credit hours.