Conflict of Interest 

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The Policy

Faculty and other staff members will not take any other employment during their employment at ALDAR without the President’s written consent.


Faculty and staff will not have any interest or participation in any organizations or business whose activities conflict with ALDAR. 


This policy addresses the circumstances in which conflicts of interest or commitment may occur and specifies a process for resolving potential conflicts. 


ADUC members should use good judgment, professional commitment, and ethics to protect themselves and ADUC from potential conflicts. Administrators and supervisors should make employees aware of this policy and create, by example, an atmosphere consistent with ADUC’s missions. 


Conflicts of interest occur when ADUC members can influence a decision on policy or purchases where they might directly or indirectly receive a financial benefit or give improper advantage to associates. Conflicts of commitment arise when ADUC members’ involvements in outside activities substantially interfere with their primary commitments to ADUC: to teach, to conduct research, and to meet related obligations to students, colleagues, and ADUC. 


All ADUC members should fulfill their responsibilities to ADUC, the focal point of their professional activities. ADUC members should only become involved in extramural professional activities insofar as they advance the mission or prestige of ADUC, and the activities do not interfere with their responsibilities to ADUC.


The policies and procedures at ADUC ensure transparency and integrity in the professional working of the individuals and units by adhering to ethical and legal standards. The important areas to maintain transparency and integrity are financial, academic, code of conduct, information disclosure, and information release.