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Standard 3. Educational programs
Class size

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The Policy

The class size policy as ADUC is driven by the following criteria:

  1. Level of the Course. (i.e., General courses, Core Courses, and Concentration Courses)
  2. Levels of teaching and learning acumen by the instructor and the student.
  3. Instructional Methods and Format
  4. Infrastructural Capacity of Class Room/Lecture theatre/Lab


The general guideline to be followed for the class size is as follows:


Level of the Course

Class size

General Education Courses

50 Students

Core Courses

40 Students

Advanced and Specialization
(Concentration/Technical Elective) Courses

30 Students

Graduation Project 

15 Students


24 Students


  • The exception to these limits is subject to approval from ADUC Council based on a rationale. 
  • There is a minimum class size in the summer semesters, not less than ten students subject to approval.