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The Policy and Procedure manual (P&P) is the parent document of ALDAR University College and single source of all the Policies and procedures. The P&P is structured as per the CAA Standards 2019.

The P&P consist of 11 standards with sub sections and each section has the following structure:

  1. The Policy
  2. The Procedure (if applicable)
  3. Policy Approver
  4. Policy Steward/Owner:
  5. Publication Location(s):
  6. Next Review:
  7. Version History

The P&P is also the reference document for other Institutional Manuals as follows:

  1. By Laws
  2. Institutional Effectiveness Manual
  3. Faculty and Staff Manual
  4. Student Handbook
  5. Catalogue
  6. Program Specifications
  7. Internship Manuals

The Sections have respective Appendixes as per requirement. The Distance Learning Policy and Distance Learning Assessment Manuals are in the form of Addendums.