ICDL Certifications

Al Dar University College provides ICDL certifications in a wide range of skills and skill levels that are relevant to a candidate’s job role or career ambitions. Each course has clear learning outcomes to help both teacher and student to understand the progress being made.

ICDL Standard Certification

It consists of 7 separate ICDL modules that reflects the latest computer training skills required by any average user, these can be taken as stand-alone certifications or can be combined with the 4 base modules plus any 3 standard modules with total of 60 hours of instructor lead training.

  1. Computer Essential
  2. Online Essentials
  3. Word Processing
  4. Spreadsheets
  5. Online Collaboration
  6. Presentation
  7. Using Databases

ICDL Digital Marketing Certification

This module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to to the fundamentals of digital marketing. On completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts of digital marketing, including advantages, limitations and planning.
  • Understand various web presence options and how to select appropriate keywords for search engine optimization.
  • Recognize different social media platforms, and set up and use common platforms.
  • Understand how effective social media management assists in promotion and lead generation.
  • Use a social media management service to schedule posts and set up notifications.
  • Understand various options for online marketing and advertising, including search engine, e-mail and mobile marketing.
  • Understand and use analytics services to monitor and improve campaigns.

Certification: International ICDL certification, mapped to the British National Qualification Framework level 4 and the UAE National Qualification Framework level 5.