Manager’s impact on increasing Happiness

1 Day Instructor Led Course – 7 Contact Hours

Course Overview:

Organizations around the world require active critical thinkers in order to develop, produce and disseminate their goods and services. Managers who are responsible for bringing about changes with their organizations are required to learn, exhibit, and teach critical thinking skills to their colleagues and employees since making decisions in a world of increasing pressure, uncertainty, differing ideas and opinions is challenging. Understanding important methods of critical thinking will help managers address the right problems, recognize risks and make more effective decisions.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • embrace critical thinking in the workplace
  • enable participants view challenging issues from a different prospective
  • prepare a platform for innovation and creativity
  • foster a learning culture in the organization
Target Audience

Department Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders

Course Content:
  • Section 1: Introduction to Critical Thinking Means Business.
  • Section 2: Key Thinking Dispositions for Managers.
  • Section 3: Too Little Critical Thinking = Big Problems. Too Little Critical Thinking = Big Problems.
  • Section 4: Critical Thinking in the Workplace.
  • Section 5: How Critical Thinking Works: Introduction to the RED Model.
  • Section 6: Using the RED Model in Decision Making: A Case Study.
  • Section 7: For Trainers – Developing Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers.
  • Section 8: Using the RED Model: A Sample Training Program.