General Education 1

Department General Education

The General Education Department (GED) is created to fulfill the fundamental needs of all graduate students.  It is a starter through which students of all course and departments must go. The GED is based on the rationale that the courses offered therein give the students a basis on which to develop further learning.  It is also a starting point for self-learning, the process of analyzing of information and problem solving.   This department attempts to cultivate an informed attitude in students and train them to acquire a calculated approach to decision making.  The courses in this department include work and assignments based on research, experimenting and other such activities. These, in turn, involve students in applying knowledge to practical situations, learning critical thinking, communication and team work.

The GED identifies with the college aims of globalization and multiculturalism. It gives the students basic grounding in a variety of subjects and adds to a healthy start to a world view. Skills suited for education in math’s and info tech and oral and written communication are also dealt with. All in all, it attempts to give students communication literacy, information literacy, cultural and historical literacy and critical and ethical thinking plus an aesthetic and creative conceptualization of the world.